Monday, 24 February 2014

Painting with Roberta Laliberte

I did Roberta Laliberte's class on Soul Food over the weekend and enjoyed it a lot because it is all about working with very watery acrylic colour washes and she chose the perfect theme for her technique: some lovely koi in a pond.

No, no, this isn't the whole painting but a detail of my finished piece.... I loved the look of the background and the transformation of the painting in progress so much that I wanted to show some of it to you too:

It was done on some heavy watercolor paper...using a load of water actually...which made it take hours to dry completey (which was quite hard for an impatient person as I am ;)

The next step was doing a glue resist technique....which makes you come up with edges like the ones you see on the water lilly leaf above.

Only after the glue had dried I could move further to giving colour to my koi I had first drawn on a piece of white paper and then transferred to the prepared background.

On this image the painting is still wet and the colours became a lot brighter after all had dried. I also added some more layers of colour with the koi for a more vibrant look.

Roberta is one of the best teachers in art I have ever met and it was a great pleasure listening to her and watching her do her magic in the videos! I really enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed doing my own painting. Thank you very much, Roberta! You really gave me a wonderful time at my crafting desk...taking a deep plunge into working with colours ;)

Claudia x


  1. oh wow - das ist einfach traumhaft schön!!!! So genial möchte ich auch gern malen können!
    Ganz liebe Grüße, Dagmar

  2. Absolutely stunning Claudia, love it! An unusual way to use acrylic paints too - more like water colour but the result is fantastic. Keep on creating and learning and showing and sharing! xx

  3. The background you created is just gorgeous and the koi are drawn and painted beautifully. I love the vibrancy you have created. Hugs, Anne x

  4. Stunning Claudia, those Koi look amazing, so full of life and movement, and that gorgeous background looks fantastic behind them!!

  5. Wow! Your painting is fantastic! Great artwork.

  6. Ein super gelungenes Bild liebe Claudia, hat eine sehr beruhigende und gute Laune machende Ausstrahlung. Sehr talentierte Schülerin kann ich nur sagen!
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  7. Großartig gelungen, ich mag besonders die ausstrahlende Natürlichkeit der Fische, der beruhigende Aquarellhintergrund läßt sie besonders gut zur Geltung kommen.
    LG Kerstin

  8. Sehr toll, Claudia! Du kannst so wunderbar malen, echt beneidenswert! Die Farben finde ich ganz besonders schön, vor allem der Hintergrund. Das Bild hat eine richtig beruhigende Wirkung, sehr gelungen.
    Auch deine schönen kleine Kunstwerke von den vorhergegangenen Post finde ich wieder klasse - Mann, bist du fleißig!
    Ganz herzliche Grüße

  9. This looks amazing Claudia, full of techniques that create amazing depth. Your colour combinations are beautiful and the shape of your finished koi is just perfect. Love it. xx

  10. Beautiful work, Claudia. I love what you do :) Thanks for visiting my blog
    Hugs, Sue :)

  11. Claudia...this is totally amazing! I really love all of the dimension you were able to achieve on a rough but flat piece of water color paper. Just amazing! Beautiful depths of color. Your bright koi fish are absolutely beautiful in contrast to the brilliant blues. I have never heard of Roberta...but I think I need to look her up. This water color piece is truly beautiful! <3 Candy

  12. I'm speechleass! YOU ARE AN ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Barbarayaya

  13. Absolutely stunning. I can't even imagine how hard it was to wait for this to dry. But it was soooooooooooooo worth it! Fabulous techniques. I love the glue resist (never would have thought to do this with acrylics) and that watercolor like use of the paints on watercolro paper ... amazing. The colors are marvelous. I love it! I hope this is going on a wall somewhere. It really must be displayed!!!! -- Hugs ... Mary Elizabeth

  14. Stunning! I LOVE KOI and these are beautiful. I love the colours and the orange Koi. I love KOI so much I have 2 of them tattooed on my back,

  15. Thank you so much, Claudia. I miss you. :)

  16. This turned out absolutely lovely Claudia! Absolutely gorgeous!


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