Thursday 18 September 2014

Studio Table - The Reveal (celebrating the Studio Table with Seth Apter)

Servus, dear readers, crafty friends and followers!

Today Seth Apter from The Altered Page wants us all to celebrate the Studio Table in its most messy state (which I think is the best and most inspiring way to look for a studio table ;)  and a lot of creative folk joined in. Seth provides you with a list of links to studio tables from all over the world - so you should hop over to his blog to learn more and have some sneaky peeks around other artists's studio tables (which is something I really love to do).

 Just click the image to get to his blog post:

I almost missed this event - but gladly Seth set up a new deadline for people to join in. (Learn about the details over here).

So here comes my studio table in its actual state (which is the usual state as I only clean up my table before I start a new project).

To the right you can see my étagère that holds my spray paints, distress stains and paints and other "magical" stuff. The wooden tray with the handle holds my acrylic paints. You can see my metal smith hammer in the container that holds the tools for cutting, hammering, distressing,... and I just find that I haven't put back the tin with my palette knives to the shelf it normally sits in...

You can also see some new steel dies lying on my table, texture stamps (which I love to always have nearby), dictionary pages, plastic lids which I use as one way containers for mixing colours or tinting pastes or media in them, jars holding my fine tip brushes and sculpting tools, my storage that holds the distress inks and embossing powders...

and right to my chair the small drawer container that holds my beloved watch makers cabinet and my Big Shot on top. In the drawers I use to store the stamps I use the most as well as the stamping blocks. The cabinet drawers contain a lot of fossils, shells, watch parts and other fleamarket finds and found objects, my mica tiles, metal embellishments and other vintage treasures. I also store my heat tool and soldering iron on that wheel container.

If you look at my studio table from the other side you can see my often used letter stamps in the wooden box sitting on top of some old books and dictionaries and next to the paper weave basket that holds cloth for painting and dabbing.

Inspirational reading and more colours and containers holding embellishments, ribbons and die cuts on the shelf behind my desk...

...and all my Sizzix dies, colour pencils, charcoal pencils, felt tip pens, markers, stencils, alcohol inks, UTEE containers, guilding waxes and mixed media stuff are on the shelf behind my seat. So I just need to turn around and grab what I need.

Often all the stuff from the shelves tends to somehow diffuse to my studio table, so my working space almost always ends up the size of a postage stamp. ;)

So - this is it: my studio table right now. Waiting to be cleaned so I can start a new project ;)
I will hopefully find enough time to visit all the other artists' tables - I really love to see how other artists work and keep their personal order with their stuff. Traces of the latest happy mess always inspire me the most!

Hope you found some traces with my spot too and leave inspired!

Hugs and happy crafting!
And thank you, Seth, for that great idea and putting up this inspirational event!

Claudia x


  1. Dein Basteltisch sieht nach einer Kreativsession nur halb so chaotisch ;-) aus wie meiner, aber alle Schätze sind griffbereit und in Sichtweite, was immer sehr hilfreich ist. Sehr interessant ist sicherlich der Schatz in der linken unteren Ecke auf dem 3. Bild für ein ganz besonderes Familienmitglied, oder ;-)? LG Kerstin xx

  2. Wow, it all looks well organised! Love your header. - eric.

  3. Such a lovely studio, it looks as a very inspirational place to be in.

    Warm hugs

  4. So enjoyed having a peek in your studio. Lots of storage - looks like a wonderful place to create! Thanks for sharing.

  5.'s relatively neat, but obviously a 'working' studio. It's interesting how our actual working 'space' gets smaller and smaller.

  6. Such a great studio space. I can see why your watch makers cabinet is beloved! It's beautiful! Loved seeing how you organize your space. Thanks for the tour!

  7. Love this studio, a very creative space. Thank you for sharing

  8. I loooove your space... those wooden drawers... and all the fabulousness that is all over the place... very cool


  9. This is great information. Thank you for publishing this.

  10. hallo liebe claudia
    ich muss sagen, bei dir geht es schalg auf schal. herrlich.
    ABER - dein arbeitsplatz ist eine wucht. der begeistert mich....
    hab' ein schönes, kreatives wochenende (ich bin gerne hier bei dir)

  11. Love to look at other peoples "messes".... like mine... LOL.. Love all your STUFF... great looking place to create all the wonderful ART you make...It is amazing how we have such a large space to create in and end up with a little tiny area to put it all together ... LOL... but we are doing what we do best... CREATE with LOVE and lots of it showing on your blog. Love it all... congrats on the magazine article... and all the great work you do... thanks for sharing it all Claudia... great works of ART... Love, Light and peace... Bonnie

  12. Lovely space. Nice paint organizing in your lazy susans and multilayered trays. xox

  13. Oh yes... I would be very happy in your space as we seem to both share much of the same supplies. Loved the tour!

  14. That’s a nice peek inside your studio, Claudia. I really love to see people’s work spaces and art supplies!
    Thanks for the tour!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  15. Looks like such a cool place to hang out.

  16. Great space to create in! Love your wee cabinet with all the drawers.

  17. I can see a lot of great organization and structure amid the creative chaos. I'm super impressed, even though I'm a neat freak.

  18. ahhhh What a lovely cozy studio!!! I would be happy to plant my keister down anywhere and create with you in there!! Thanks so much for sharing!! ")

  19. Love your crafty place Claudia, it makes me feel right at home, stuff everywhere Lol!
    Happy crafting, Angela x


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