Thursday 24 March 2016

Easter Parade at Emerald Creek Dares!

Hi and servus again! This is my second post today, so if you have missed my invitation to my second appearance as  guest designer for Calico Craft Parts find out about it HERE.

But this post sees me designing for Emerald Creek and my lovely boss Kim Evans! This time I am sharing an Easter project that is a little "different".

Over at Emerald Creek Dares today the new challenge showcases the amazing Emerald Creek "Easter Parade" embossing powder (love it!). You all know me - I am not really good at doing cute, I am more the grunge type of crafter - so even if that embossing powder is a pastel yellow with beautiful blue and lilac sparkle and iridiscence in it and I love it for being all of that, I still
didn't succeed in overcoming my darker, grungier side. lol

I call this my ANGEA - my "Absolutely Non-Girly Easter Assemblage" and it originated from looking at this emptied egg container for quite a long time:

And I swear I was thinking (or rather trying to think) of some cute bunnies and/or eggs, grass and chicks being stuffed carefully arranged into this container, have it embellished with bright and lovely spring papers or colours - and make the Easter Parade embossing powder the perfect addition and star to my little Happy Easter project.

About ten minutes later I found myself having ended up with this - a piece of (thoroughly) cut to size foam board and the cut off back and lid of the egg container. 

Then I created an Easter-ly black (!) background by spreading black Gesso all over the foam board with a wide soft brush. So much for my cute, bright Happy Easter project.

After the Gesso had dried I started scraping on various tones of Distress paints with a palette knife, letting each colour dry before I added the next.

The egg container parts were painted in a soft purple and heat embossed using the Easter Parade and St. Paddy's Day Emerald Creek embossing powders.

I also randomly dabbed on some of the Distress paints I had used on the foam board onto the egg container with an old hard bristle brush.

Four of the lovely Emerald Creek "Fleur" brads were customized by dabbing on some "twisted citron" Distress paint with my finger.

To make my egg container blend in with the background panel I also added smudges of Easter Parade embossing powder to the painted foam board. 

Next I assembled my painted pieces and smudged some black soot Distress Crayon around the foam board's edges to create a visual frame. I also stamped some scratches on top of the Distress paints for a more industrial and grunge look.

The Distress Crayons smudge perfectly like this and stick really well to the Distress paints!

The outer edge of the foam board was covered with some washi tape of a matching colour.

The heat embossed label was given some outline smudges of black soot Distress Crayon too. And a happy easter chit chat sticker was stuck to the label for a finish.

I added a small Easter egg and some green faux grass - et voilá! 

Please, hop over to Emerald Creek Dares to check out the projects of the team! I would also love to see you play along of course. ;)

Happy Easter to you! 
Hugs and happy crafting,

Emerald Creek supplies used: 


  1. I love the colors and how you used an everyday item & made it a piece of art!!

  2. Love your fun project with Easter theme Claudia... I wonder you ever go out of new ideas :)
    Thanks for sharing details of this wonderful creation!

  3. Wie super cool?! Klasse!

    FROHE OSTERN liebe Claudia!

    Busserl Susi

  4. .....ich kann nur sagen: GENIAL (schön) !!

  5. Okay so I seriously loved your project. How you incorporated not only an egg, but also the carton?! And this was what I was hoping you would do. Very non girly. Sometimes we pigeon hole something and can't get past it. For example pastels usually go to soft images and water colour. I'm so glad you broke the mold and went grungy.

  6. What an amazing piece of art...and it all started with an egg carton. Brilliant! The colours are perfect and I love your grungy touch that you gave it.

  7. Fabulous project Claudia! The different colours and textures together are awesome.

  8. I love your non girly assemblage, and your grungy side: so original and non expected from an egg box! Happy Easter Claudia!

  9. I KNEW it was an egg carton! Claudia, I'm so happy you did what you were comfortable with and made this grungy. I think you saw I made Easter Parade bricks on my last submission to the last ECD challenge. Sometimes you just have to go with your instinct. I love the colors you have chosen for your chalkboard looking background. Hugs!

  10. Wow Claudia deine Eierkarton-Kunst sieht wieder so megaklasse aus. Total jecke Idee.
    Diese getupften kleinen Eier mag ich auch sehr.
    Frohe Ostern.

  11. How original! Looks fun to make and display. Happy Easter x

  12. Cleverly designed and put together Claudia - I so love your creative mind.
    Happy Easter.
    hugs Brenda xxx

  13. Wow!!! Claudia this is fabulous and genius too xx
    Have a wonderful Happy Easter
    Hugs Annie x

  14. Egg cartons never looked so smashingly good! Brilliant design and the colors are gobsmackingly awesome sauce! I absolutely adore this grungy Easter art! Fantabulous! Hugz to you muffin! ~Niki

  15. Stunning work and great tutorial!!!
    Happy Easter!

  16. Just wanted to pop back Claudia and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me such a lovely comment on my DecoArt news, I so appreciated it and to say Happy Easter (again).
    hugs Brenda xxx

  17. i love that you used an egg carton!! totally creative project!

  18. Brilliant Claudia, love how you've used the egg carton. Hope you've had a good Easter and happy crafting, Angela x

  19. Oh so fun Claudia - love your non-girlie project completely!!! The colors are fabulous - bright and happy and WILD - which I adore! And that egg in the middle totally cracks me up... oh dear - well... cracks me up - not the egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super neat that you used the carton. This is just a really brilliant example of your creativity - which is so incredible!!! XXj.

  20. Dang Claudia! This is fantastic on so many levels. You are so talented girl! I will be pinning this to my MM tutorials and MM art boards - I love your take on the challenge and I think part of that is because I am a girlie girl who is being tempted by the dark side. Great project Karen x

  21. You rocked the pastels Claudia. I am in awe of how you took such sugary eastery sweet colours and made a project so deliciously grunge! My favourite part was the egg in the middle. Cant wait to get a hold of some Distress Crayons as soon as they arrive here in South Africa and try them out - would love to test your smudge effect out!


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