Monday 13 June 2016

Painting Rag Problem Solved! (a Calico Craft Parts Project)

Servus! It is my turn again today to inspire Calico Craft Parts lovers (and lovers to be!) with a fun project over at the Calico Craft Parts Blog!

This little sneak peek is meant to make you curious enough to hop over to the blog to find out more (and from which Calico Craft Parts I made my project ;):

Some control lights....hmmmm.....what on Earth could this be? (giggle)....well....I hope to see you over at the CCP blog then!
Thanks for stopping by today! Mwah!



  1. Großartig! Sowas brauche ich auch :-)

  2. you are a tease Claudia! ;-)

  3. LOLOLOL that is hilarious!! Go see it people!!

  4. This is genius and sooooooo fun! I had to laugh at your sons reaction. Love the knobs and the details and the dirty rags are perfect in this! Awesome sauce and gobsmackingly brilliant! Hugz to you muffin!~Niki


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