Tuesday 31 January 2017

"A Story Autrichien"

With Creativations being over I can finally share a project with you that I made for my lovely boss, Kim, the owner of Emerald Creek Craft Supplies, and one of the bestest bosses ever!
She creates and sells the most fabulous embossing powders I know and getting to know hers finally hooked me up on heat embossing. I had liked using embossing powders before but with hers I started loving it.

I also love Seth Apter's dies and rubber stamps a lot. So when Kim told me that Seth would be demoing at a booth quite close to hers at Creativations I was inspired to create a project using her embossing powders and some of his dies. And this is the result:

I created a small mixed media piece on a 4'' x 6'' canvas board as I love the texture they provide.

I used old French dictionary pages that I put behind the die cut and heat embossed pieces.

The background was done by scraping on acrylic paint and taking some off again with a piece of card and pressing that down in other spots to create some random patterns and layers.

I also used some of Seth's rubber stamps in the background and for the center word. As I am from Austria I was very happy to accidentally come across the "Autrichien,enne" on one of the pages on my desk. So this project is "my story Autrichien" in a way and I am a girl Autrichienne....so I knew I had to use this word on my make!

Of course I wish I could have been at Creativations in person and meet all the wonderful artists there and my boss, Kim, but knowing that some of my artwork was there still is very exciting and something that makes me proud and happy!

Most of the pieces were glued to the canvas board using sticky foam pads for more depth.

So once more my finished piece. Oh, I forgot to mention that I also used a tea bag behind the center piece but the effect is very subtle. I just love how the Hammered Metal and Charred Gold embossing powders look on Seth's wonderful designs!

Stay tuned for another post that's to come within the next twelve and a half hours...it's time for another dare at Emerald Creek Dares and I will be sharing my latest DT project with you. But for now thanks for stopping by and - as always -

hugs and happy crafting!


  1. This is AMAZING! Big wow, looks so rich and textural!

  2. Dear me Claudia - just INCREDIBLE. Wow. Sure do love the colors too. Seems like Emerald Creek must have been thrilled with your Creativation piece :) Xj.

  3. Einfach toll Claudia ! Ein wunderbares Mixed Meida Board ist das!
    Liebe Grüße von einer Autrichienne zur anderen...lol!
    Schönen neuen Monat!

  4. Gorgeous Claudia! Wonderful texture and loving the colours. Happy crafty week, Angela xXx


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