Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Gypsy Travels to my Home with Canvas Corp Brands

Servus and welcome to my blog AND my flat too today!

I am taking you on a tour through my private collections over at "The Creative Studio" Canvas Corp Brands blog to share some of my travel souvenirs, flea market finds, inherited treasures and other beautiful inspiring bits and pieces from my three (!) cabinets and writing desk.

I grew up in a home where my mom (and my grandma) surrounded themselves with beautiful things like porcelain, silverware and knickknackery in general and I have not only inherited some of the pieces but also the love for having my own little "private museum" at home.

In my cabinets visitors will find a mix of beautiful crafted gifts from wonderful and creative friends, inherited porcelain and silverware as well as gifts my lovely sister sometimes brings home from her travels and treasures like souvenirs, flea market or nature finds that I collected myself.

The large keys were a souvenir from our fantastic trip to Turkey and the assemblage to the left was given to me by my SASPC team member and friend Brigitte from France (merci beaucoup, Brigitte! Bisous!)

The little green house was a birthday gift from my sister and the cups and bowls are things I have taken over from my mom's collection. 

And there's a little beautiful story to tell about the small yellowish figurine in the left back: it is a handmade candle that I was given to by one of my pupils before I left my hometown Linz and moved to Vienna to live with my husband. The candle is meant to resemble me and it really looks like I looked back then (with very short yellow hair, my favourite orange shirt and two earrings in my right ear.) The wings aren't visible on this picture, but believe me - I have a pair of beautiful wings!!!! So she made me an angel - how adorable is that!!!! It is one of my most loved treasures that reminds me of my wonderful time as an arts teacher there back in the nineties. ;)

If you want to see more, just hop over to the Canvas Corp Brands Blog.
There are more treasures waiting for you to be discovered. 

Hugs and happy crafting!


  1. Thanks for sharing your treasures! and the story of your angel...Such beautiful memories.

  2. Thank you for the share. Beautiful treasures and memories Claudia! xx

  3. Eine wunderschöne Sammlung liebgewonnener Erinnerungsstücke und jedes Teil erzählt seine Geschichte. Mein Favorit ist das handgeschnitzte Stück, einfach nur WOW!!! LG Kerstin xx

  4. Lauter schöne decorative Erinnerungsstücke, lieb daß du uns daran teilhaben läßt.
    Die Dinge mit denen wir uns umgeben erzählen oft auch Geschichten, die damit verbunden sind. Sie sind auch immer ein Teil unserer Lebensgeschichte und darum kostbar für uns.
    Liebe Grüße und eine schöne neue Woche.


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