Friday, 31 July 2020

Travel Journal - a StencilGirl Project and Column

Hi, servus and thanks for stopping by!
How's your summer been so far? Travelling has become quite difficult and even more of an "adventure" these days, but you don't always have to travel far to experience new things and inspiring new locations.

Anyway, having a travel journal can never be wrong.
I always use a small travel journal to have information about timetables, train connections, locations to visit and other important stuff at hand without having to switch on my phone and connect with the internet. I simply am a dinosaur when it comes to electronic devices and always will be and do not trust them totally (or maybe my ability to have their batteries re-charged properly all the time). And I love journals and notebooks of all kinds. ;)

So I have created this one for my first post as a StencilGirl Columnist over at the StencilGirl Talk blog - and you will find loads of steps images and detailed descriptions of the how-to if you hop over to their blog (by clicking HERE for example).

It also has pockets to store tickets and other ephemera in and you can adjust the tutorial to any size of cheap bought notebooks to use on the inside (so you do not have to make your own signatures, which can be quite time consuming)!

And the flaps do not only help to keep the tucked in content in the pockets safe and in place, but also work as bookmarks if needed! And it all is made from just a single sheet of A3 Mixed Media or heavy drawing paper!

Here's a little scene from the back cover - just to make you even more curious and check it all out in the blog post. As a columnist for StencilGirl I will be sharing stencilled projects with a focus on "Textured, Weathered, Grungy" - my personal favourites when it comes to surfaces and designs - every three months on their blog.

Hope to see you over at the StencilGirl Talk blog!
Have a wonderful summer
and safe travels!


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  1. LOVE the peeling look of this and the images are so super fun. What a great design too.


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