Über mich / About me

My name is Claudia Neubacher and I live in beautiful Vienna, Austria, with my husband, my son and our dog, Bluna.

I have made the Master of Arts degree and have worked as an arts and crafts teacher for almost 20 years before I decided to become a full time mom, dog keeper and housewife, which I now enjoy a lot as it also provides me with sufficient flexibility and spare time to spend at my crammed studio.
I love all things weathered and grungy, heavily graphical (especially numerals and letters) and textural! I get inspired by nature mainly...loving the Vienna Woods and the Danube wetlands nearby.
When I am not producing a happy mess at my craft desk, I enjoy reading thrillers, watching TV series ("The Big Bang Theory", "Supernatural", "The Walking Dead", "Bates Motel", "Hannibal" or "Game of Thrones" just to name a few), photography (with my beloved Lumix), dancing (the old fashioned way) and singing.
I am the more messy and chaotic type of crafter and painter...feeling truly happy when my fingers are covered with acrylic paints, inks and glue and there's not even one single square centimetre of spare space left on my desk. I love to explore and also share techniques and to get inspired by all the creative people out there who luckily share their imagination and esprit!

I am also sometimes writing for magazines like "Mixed Up" and  "The Craft Stamper" and some of my work has been published in the "Somerset Apprentice" autumn issue 2014.
Since 2013 I have also been a member of the DecoArt Mixed Media Design Team.

I run the "SanDee&amelie's" mixed media Steampunk challenge blog with a a couple of wonderful creative friends and I also have been a DT member for the renowned  OurCreativeCorner challenge blog. Recently I have become a DT member for Calico Craft Parts and love this job! 

I also taught a wonderful workshop in the UK (at That Craft Place Ltd.) in May 2015 and that was such a wonderful and exciting experience - finally meeting some of my blogging "colleagues" in person and getting to know a bunch of talented ladies and lovely people there! 

I sometimes show my more serious art over at the Von Pappe blog. Also some of my poems have been published in various anthologies and I have a children's poems blog too - "Bert, der Bär" (texts there are in German language only).  


  1. I've been looking through your site, and am begeistert at the work you are doing! So many amazing projects (and I love what you did to Tilda - she's far too sugar-sweet for my liking). I'm looking forward to exploring some more.
    Alison x

  2. Thank you so much, Alison,

    for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments!!!!


    die amelie xx

  3. Hier fühl ich mich wohl; ich sehe hier viele Stilrichtungen, die auch mir gefallen. Deshalb möchte ich gerne den Kinderschuh-Award an Dich weitergeben (keiner der üblichen Awards!) - schau mal auf meinen Blog.
    Freundliche Grüße, serafeena

    1. Herzlichen Dank, serafeena,

      für die nette Geste und den lieben Besuch!

      Liebe Grüße aus Wien,
      die amelie x

  4. Hello. I came to your site through a link from Alison at Words and Pictures. Your work is beautiful and so clever. I really enjoy reading descriptions of how people do things, so thank you for writing in English! Andrea

    1. Thank you very much, Andrea!!!

      So glad, you found my blog (thanks to Alison!)!!! I hope, my English is sufficient to explain all the "how to"... ;)

      die amelie xxx

    2. Your English is more than sufficient - it's splendidly clear!

  5. ... hier gefällt es mir, hier gibt es viele tolle (papier)Sachen zu sehen!
    ich komme wieder!
    liebe grüße (aus vösendorf)


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