Thursday, 27 June 2013

Great teachers...

..are sadly not a matter of course, but our son was so lucky to have two wonderful years with three awesome teachers, who have been putting all their humanity, wisdom, heart and knowledge into their job to make my son a more self confident and happy school kid (after a not too good start with his first two years at a different school and with a different teacher, that had made us face severe problems like school anxiety and great lack of self confidence even though he is a smart boy - which his latest school report gladly shows!).

As a thank-you-gift from the deepest bottom of my heart (being myself a teacher and knowing about school kids' AND teachers' problems), I bought them some gift coupons and made three tags with envelopes on them to put them into.

First I die cut the three envelopes and coloured them with various Distress inks in blues and greens. After I had folded and glued them into shape I stamped some of my lovely hedgerow images onto the tags and envelopes using dark blue archival stamping ink.

The white lace and blue linen ribbon were sewn to the tag and the blossom twigs were fixed to the tag using blue twist. I used the same twist to close the envelopes. Done!

Thank you for stopping by and happy crafting!

Claudia - die amelie x


  1. Oh, these are sooo pretty. We love them. Lucky teachers.

  2. What beautiful tags, I would mind receiving one of them, very luckey teachers. Gruesse von Francesca

  3. These are beautifully made and wonderful gifts Claudia, I just love the hedgerow and lace together. I am sure the teachers will be thrilled to receive these and be touched at your thoughtfulness. As a teacher too \I am so glad your son is now doing well after his shaky start and I know exactly where you are coming from. My motto is always lets take our children to the edge and give them the confidence to fly.
    Have a great day.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  4. These are so pretty. Love the colours and a great idea

  5. It is so important to have a good teacher, it sets you up for life. How sweet of you to make such beautiful gift tags ( with gift coupons ) for them, they will really appreciate the thought and kindness.

  6. They're so pretty, Claudia - what a wonderful way to show your appreciation to those teachers who have been so important to your son. Bravo - love them!
    Alison x

  7. Wow, they are stunning Claudia, and being a teacher myself too, I know how much these little thoughtful gifts can mean.... I am so glad your son had such a good experience in the last few years, long may it continue! There is no greater gift a teacher can give a child than self confidence and a love for learning. Those hedgerow stamps are so beautiful and the way you have used them is fantastic!!

  8. Absolutely beautiful creations Claudia - made with love I can tell! Very happy for you that your little boy is now receiving the best skills.

  9. Tolle, engagierte Lehrer sind echt Gold wert und ein Segen.
    Sie haben es verdient, mit so tollen, wunderschönen Tags überrascht zu werden und ihnen gebührt wirklich Dank.

  10. Oh those are a different styly but very pretty. Love the colour combo and background a lot. The Teacher will absolutely adore them I am sure!
    xoxo SanDee1899

  11. Love these tags CLaudia, so elegant and yet artistic...a great gift!

    kind regards, Alie :-)

  12. very good job! The tags are adorable!

  13. These are beautiful and I bet they will be thrilled Claudia. It takes a very special person to be the sort of dedicated person you would want to be a teacher for your child, and often that recognition doesn't happen. And yet the right teacher can transform your child's future completely. So glad your son has got the support he so richly deserves. Hugs, Jenny x

  14. Good teachers are definitely worth their weight in gold so great to hear your son has had the chance to experience just how much different they make to his school life! Sounds like he's on a good path now. These envelopes are really lovely - I'm sure the teachers really loved them (not to mention the little gift inside!!) x

  15. Yes, school teachers can make or break a child. I'm so glad he has the right ones now and is doing well. Your tags are beautiful and a lovely gift.

  16. wunderwunderschön sind dies Tags -- himmlisch!
    richtige Künstlerkleinode!!!

    Wow ein großer Schritt jetzt in einen neuen Schultyp für Deinen Sohn!!
    Fein dass ihr so gute Lehrer dann letzlich finden konntet...
    meine Tochter hatte mit ihrem Volkschullehrer so ein Riesenglück.. er ist ein ganz ganz wunderbarer Pädagoge .. wir haben noch immer Kontakt zu ihm.. die ganze Klasse hat ihn vergöttert und er hat alle soo gut vorbereitet ...und ihnen nicht nur Stoff vermittel sonder ganz viel Soziale Kompetenz!

    Julia tut sich jetzt echt leicht im Gymnasium -
    ich denke das war vganz viel sein Verdienst!

  17. they are beautiful. I sure wish one of my pupils would give me one of those tags at the end of term. x

  18. Die sind ganz, ganz toll geworden!!!! Gefallen mir echt gut!!!!


  19. What 3 beautiful tags! Love the fresh colors! And the flowers look great! The teachers are gonna love it! Hugs, Sandra


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