Tuesday 23 July 2013

Another swap....

This time with wonderful Ellie Knol from "Paper-Stamps-Color"!
We already swapped some months ago, but we still keep finding more "treasures" with each other's blog that we would like to swap ;)

These three ATCs are what Ellie sent me in return for two tags she wanted to have.
Aren't they awesome? I know noone else who does flower themed ATCs and tags like she does. She definitely has developed her very own unique and artistic style, which I really love.

Along with this gorgeous trio she sent me this adorable ATC:

...and again a lot of yummy stuff to lay my crafting hands upon ;). Thank you so much, Ellie, for all the lovely printed paper backgrounds, tissue paper, cords, tags, lace and ribbons! They are fab, fab, fab!

Lucky me! Yay!

Claudia - die amelie x


  1. What a lovely swap... and no, I promise I haven't forgotten ours! Heading home in a few days...
    Alison xx


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