Thursday, 21 November 2013

What the Poet Does

Maybe some of you know that I have been writing poems rather intensely for quite a long time (and some of them even made it into anthologies) some years ago. I still do now, but not very often honestly. Seems that my actual need to express myself in stamped, collaged or painted images has taken the place of the urge to express myself in written images. But I definitely feel that there's not much of a difference between writing or painting an image...I always feel like painting with words (and also sounds and rhythm) when writing a poem and I often feel like creating a poem when making a mixed media piece of art.

So I tried to put in words, images and colours what it is that a poet does exactly on this art journal page.

The background is a gelli print and I found that the 6''x6'' format is a size I really love. Maybe I will just bind some more pages into a booklet some time. I also love the borders of the prints - with those imprecise overlaps from the various layers. So I left some white around the edges instead of cutting them off.

I love that poet stamp from Paper Artsy! Being a good poet requires a lot of discipline and the will to force yourself not to content with your very first tries. So I find the gentleman really appropriate.

To me words have colours in a special way. Or maybe some feeling of "visible" sound that evokes an impression similar to colour when I hear them play together. I often pick the words before I realise the idea that has already started to form in my head to find that they evoke exactly what I wanted to write about.

Sometimes I build poems around certain words - just because they evoke a certain melody, rhythm and/or image in me. It's always a wonderful thing to let the words take the lead, but trying to guide them into their perfect places. Which is really very similar to working with colours and textures, isn't it?

I am sure poetry means something different to each of us, but we all feel those similar "ingredients" at the core of our creations (written or painted ones) - bringing something to light and into shape by partially letting it build up from our vague ideas, letting the materials we work with take the lead sometimes.

And you simply feel it, when you have done a "good poem/painting", don't you? (And most of the time you also feel when you have messed up ;).
Being creative to me means that perfect balance between controlling a medium and letting go at the same time - listening to the inner nature of the materials we work with. Which is what makes it that joyful I guess.

Seen from this angle we are surrounded by poetry, aren't we?

Hugs and happy crafting/composing.

Claudia x


  1. I had left a longer comment first but I accidentally deleted it because I pushed the wrong button due to my idiocy in languages other than English. ! Now I will remember that it its the blue button! I really love the way you write. I never seem to be able to add words to my art. You have a wonderful gift to be able to use both art and words.

  2. Your journal page is fabulous. Such wonderful colours and words,

  3. ein grandioses Werk, liebe Claudia

  4. I enjoyed reading your post today and the page you created is fantastic. Wonderful words.
    Yvonne x

  5. Wonderful word play and wonderful colour play too! Fabulous journal spread and a great post!

  6. Schon wieder so ein Sahnestückchen, einfach klasse anzusehen.

  7. das Werk ist grandios.. und Deine Beschreibung ist GENIAL...
    jo.. so ist es...
    Du bist vielfach begnadet talentiert da Du es nicht nur durch Farben und Design auszudrücken vermagst was Du empfindest sonder auch durch Wortkunst!
    Bravo Claudia!
    und jetzt sag mir nicht nochmal Du hast die Muse verloren!

    ich hoffe es geht Dir etwas besser!
    sei lieb gegrüßt!


  8. Stunning what you created compared with the quote....gorgeous work Claudia!

  9. A glorious post to read, and a wonderful visual poem that you have created - this is one of my favourite word/picture combinations that you've ever created. Thank you for sharing so openly, and thank you for noticing a change in my latest one too!
    Alison xx

  10. Ohhhhh. Really Claudia ... your posts have been such a joy to read today. I can feel your heart singing and soaring with this art journal and post. Love your words and how you actually colored them in your journal. Words do have color. They have structure. They have feelings (some words like to be together and some words bring discord when they juxtaposed). Marvelous art my friend!! -- Mary Elizabeth

  11. Gorgeous and thoroughly inspiring Claudia. Love this. Jenny x

  12. Lovely! I love writing poetry too. Shared your image on my page and


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