Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Screw it! Let's do it!

Well, I hope this quote isn't too vulgar (as a non-native speaker you can never be sure even though you know the general meaning of a saying...lol)...but honestly - even if it is - I love the idea behind it as I believe that way too often we tend to think too much about all the possible (but rather unlikely) problems or reasons for not doing something that we totally ignore our personal urge and need to do it.

Sometimes - only sometimes - we are allowed to make ourselves happy in the first place and do whatever we feel we need to do to enjoy ourselves and feel "alive". So at least this is how I would interpret this saying. Please, native speakers, correct me if I am wrong. ;)

But enough of the personal blah blah....this is my Spotlight post for Our Creative Corner and we were given lovely products by our fabulous prize sponsor Tando Creative this month - so here I am to show you only one of the billions of possible projects to create from their stuff.

I had always wanted to try to imitate rust in its most colourful form (=when it meets up with old peeling lacquer) and when I stumbled upon this awesome photograph on pinterest I knew where I wanted to go with this.

image source: I Luv Cameras on flickr

If you want to know how I achieved the look of my two mixed media panels with the fab Tando Creative Screws on, just hop over to Our Creative Corner, where I am sharing a detailed step by step

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia xxx 




  1. Hi Claudia - it looks really great with all the lovely colors you used on Tando's set - very intuitive and I like your words, they are short and precise.
    I have seen your great tutorial on OCC. You really hit the rust colors that are on the photo and you've got them to come forward vibrating and flaming.
    Hugs Susan

  2. Fantastic rust and patina effect...and of course the idea is brilliant!
    Hugs and enjoy the rest of the summer!

  3. Ein fantastisches Farbenspiel, super ! Habe ich den Spruch richtig übersetzt, mit: ''Geht nicht , gibt es nicht?'' LG Kerstin xx

  4. hallo claudia,
    einmalig! diese teile sind echt genial (spruch hin oder her :-) )! toll gemacht - die farben sind genial!

  5. Liebe Claudia das sieht fantastisch aus, super wie du diesen farbigen Rost imitiert hast. Diese Farben gefallen mir so gut und sie kommen auf der schlichten Gestaltung der Schilder richtig gut zur Geltung. Bravo!
    Ich hoffe es geht dir gut und sende liebe Grüße ins schöne Wien.

  6. This is a FABULOUS tutorial, Claudia!! I love how you've showed us all of the layers of paint you've used and how to 'wash' the colors to bring their intensity down a bit--very cool indeed!! I think I may have a grab bag of these screws (or I may just have a few lose screws in my head!) or a grab bag of something from Tando!! I'm going to need to go have a play now!! Thanks so much for sharing your steps, Claudia!! Excellent mixed-media panels!! XOXO-Shari

  7. Gorgeous rust and patina! I'm off to OCC for a closer look at the details! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog regarding Tim's August tag! It made my day!

  8. Hello Claudia!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how good it was to see your comment on my blog. You have no idea how much it meant to me. Thank you my dear friend. It's fantastic to see your art. And I can see why this would make you happy. I love the sentiment :) Incredible color -- you are so very talented. By the way ... loved the work that you and Laura Bomber did when you visited her. I saw it on her blog. Hope your workshop went well. I'm sure it did! Hugs!! Mary Elizabeth

  9. Beautiful! I love how you have used the inspiration, the colours are gorgeous and I love the sentiment LOL! Kx

  10. Großartig! Und wieder einmal vielen Dank für das Tut!

  11. Outstanding! Great colors and design.


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