Friday, 1 January 2016

A Mixed Media Necklace for Our Creative Corner

Servus and happy new year to you, my dear old, new and true readers! It is my special honour today to kick off 2016's challenge galore for Our Creative Corner!

I have learned my lesson with new years resolutions and have narrowed mine down to just one promise I am making to myself each Silvester: to be as gentle and kind with myself as possible (as dealing with a chronic illness often makes you feel that you just have to try harder, be less slack...and therefore less forgiving towards yourself - which most of the time leads to the exact opposite from what was intended: more frustration and more anger) and to make more time for pressure-free me-time....without any goals - except this one: to enjoy myself!

So OCC's January challenge asks you exactly that: to enjoy yourselves by creating within your comfort zones...maybe challenge yourselves a little too if that is something you enjoy...but no pressure, no given direction, no precise theme - just a lovely moodboard palette and image to spark your imagination:

If you hop over to Our Creative Corner you will find a wonderful bundle of very different inspirational pieces done by the Design Team! I love and adore them all!!! (and I will love and adore our players' pieces too! Of that I am sure ;)

When looking at the colour palette and image I immediately thought of using metal and patina tones...something with circles...which led to jump rings...which led to the idea of creating a necklace from self made wire links, metal stamped pendants and found objects (as I discovered that hammering wire and bending it into shape is something very relaxing for me).

And here it is:

(Ignore the pastel blue pins - these were used to hold the necklace in place). Except from the little key and the idea-ology safety pin all parts of the necklace are handmade (of which I really am quite proud I have to admit as this is a result of my very first steps at metalsmithing and creating beautiful links from wire).

I especially love this wire link that is made from silver coated copper wire and darkened with black patina after some metal stamping.

 The "Live" pendant was made from a flat brass disc which I stamped and domed lightly. For the green patina touch I added a bit of turquoise gilding paste.

If you want to learn how to create the paper beads with wire you will find a full tutorial over HERE

The box for my necklace was made from an emptied chocoloate box into which I inserted a cut to size corrugated card panel. It was covered with some Tim Holtz "Eclectic Elements" fabric that matches my necklace's design perfectly!

The outside of my box was covered with some "Madame Payraud" designer paper and inked around the edges with Ranger "Sepia" archival ink.

The challenge over at Our Creative Corner is open until January 28th. This month's prize sponsor is Creative Embellishments - so don't miss the chance to win a $25 voucher for their store!

Hugs and happy crafting!


  1. Ein wundervolles Projekt Claudia!
    Prosit 2016!

  2. Wow Claudia, I am in awe! This necklace is amazing, I love all the details. I tried metal work and was rubbish so I appreciate all the work which went into the creation. Brilliant x

  3. Amazing :-) tolle Kreation von einer echten Schmuckdesignerin, Chapeau!!! Liebe Neujahrsgrüße von Kerstin xx

  4. Your talent never ceases to amaze - Claudia, this is quite simply stunning! Happy New Year to you. Anne x

  5. This is beautiful Claudia. I love the handmade bead and the wire work is so difficult to do yet you nailed it perfectly! I loved making my DT piece for this challenge - you allowed us to just play and create which was wonderful. So much better than sitting planning and getting nowhere fast - which is often the case when trying to meet deadlines. Thank you lovely friend and Happy New Year to you and yours. Julia xxx

  6. Wenn ich deine anderen Sachen nicht kennen würde, täte ich ja meinen, dass du deine Bestimmung in der Herstellung von aussergewöhnlichem, schönen Schmuck gefunden hättest. Wowzer!! Ich steh total drauf! Nicht unbedingt, damit es an meinem Schwanenhals baumelt...nein...ansehen und...nicht mal die Empfindung dabei kann ich in Worte schön... ♥

  7. It's a gorgeous necklace, Claudia! So original and handmade pieces. Thanks for this challenge theme: just creating is perfect! Happy New Year, Claudia!

  8. Very cool Claudia! Organic and beautiful!
    yes,a very good resolution! be good to yourself!
    Jackie xo

  9. Wow! This is amazing. I love your metal smithing!

  10. Hot diggity! You can make anything! This gorgeous necklace is a testiment to that. Love the wires and the beads and the entire design! Awesome sauce! Happy New Years! Hugz to you muffin! ~Niki

  11. The necklace and the box are incredible. I really like the safety pin as the clasp. I get frustrated with those little tiny clasps on bracelets and necklaces.

  12. Ha ein echtes Zuckerl,wie man bei euch so schön sagt. Wahnsinnig fantasievoll gestaltet,WOW! Gefällt mir sehr.
    Ich wünsche dir von Herzen ein glückliches,gesundes,streßfreies und kreatives Jahr 2016.
    Liebe Grüße

  13. What an absolutely FABULOUS piece of jewelry art! This totally wows me! The paper bead and great patina are such perfect details. And how beautifully this is presented!!! WOW!

  14. AM-A-ZING!! Claudia, this necklace is STUNNING!! I LOVE it!! And look at you go, you metal-smithing girl, you!! :) :) AWESOME!! Thanks for linking to your tutorial over at DecoArt, too! You make me want to start making jewelry, now!! :) :) Just a FAB way to start the year at OCC!! :) :) Happy New Year to You and Yours, Claudia!! :) :) XOXO-Shari


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