Sunday, 17 January 2016

Achtung! Zerbrechlich! - a Selfie and an Art Journal Page

Today the new challenge over at "More than Words" inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and create this journal page:

If you wonder what exactly it is that is out of my comfort zone on this page - yes, it's the selfie!

I hate being photographed, I hate looking at photographs with me on them and I can always feel myself putting on a kind of terrified look when being photographed (which leads to only more results that make me hate being photographed of course).... so when I read that this month's challenge over at More than Words is to take a selfie, use it on a layout, canvas or journal page and be inspired by the word "personality", I decided to be brave this time. Just to see if maybe I could come up with an image of myself that I can live with.....well, at least I dare show it in public. That is more than I actually had expected. lol

I look a bit fierce (as my dear friend Louise already stated and by doing so nailed it ;) - but, hey - I can be fierce at times and if necessary (which especially helped keeping pupils under control ;) - but on the other side I am a rather shy, thoughtful (see those wrinkles on my forehead?) and quiet person...if nothing forces me to act differently and more...well...fierce. ;)

So there I have already told you something about my personality - and I really tried to capture a side of me that isn't visible at first sight in that photograph (and that maybe also gets more and more lost while growing older (note to self: be more fierce now and then! You've still got it!)).

 I had a wonderful time at my studio desk creating this journal page and I think my personality also shows in the colours I used, the love for earthy and grungy tones and styles, the layering I did and the fact that the word "Achtung" (=Watch out!) below my portrait is as misleading at a first glance as is my fierce look.
There's an arrow leading to the second important word on my page - "zerbrechlich" (which is German for "fragile") - and if you connect the two the message becomes whole.

The figure with the wide mouth and big teeth doesn't have a certain meaning - I saw this wonderful stamp and fell in love with it immediately. I guess it was because the character and style it is done in have something mysterious or magical about them...why is he carrying a briefcase? Are these third and second rows of theeth? Is he going to swallow me? Or someone else? In a way he is scary and beautiful at the same time. Which is something really fascinating to me. 
I love it when images evoke questions or stories and create mixed emotions or have a bit of a riddle in them. So I guess that was the reason why he had to go on my "personality" journal page too.

Another typical and important thing for me is texture. I love and have to touch and feel things and always have to create texture that can be touched and felt - like the bark of trees or rough rock surfaces.

And layering is important too. Like the layers on this page that overlap those underneath and hide part of them some of my behaviour patterns overlap others that only become visible when being forced to the surface. We never are able to "see" all there is to an opposite at just one look or in a single situation.

So maybe this is my most personal journal page I have done so far. It definitely is my most personal selfie I have ever shared! I hope I haven't been too!

Hugs and fierceful crafting!

I enter this journal page to:


  1. Wow Claudia this is quite spectacular, a real work of art I think. Love your selfie & I think you have shown bucket loads of personality here. Thanks so much for playing along with our challenge at More Than Words.

  2. Amazing! I like the background! Thank you for joining our challenge at More than words !

  3. hallo claudia,
    genial! da hast du deiner kreativität wieder freien lauf gelassen! eine tolle seite ist das geworden!!!!

  4. Cool, es hat mich glatt vom Hocker gehauen :-)! Der Mix aus Farbgestaltung und Texturen im Hintergrund ist dir super gelungen,genau wie die grafische Umsetzung des Selfies in Wort und Bild. LG

  5. WOW.. einfach fabelhaft Claudia!

    Die Texturen und Farben und alles ... auf ganz ganz hohen Niveau! Bin begeistert!

  6. Such a wonderful layout Claudia. Love the amazing details you have incorporated in your background and the selfie looks amazing

    TFS and best wishes
    Annie xx

  7. This is so wonderful! I think a lot of us 'hide' parts of ourselves behind our art. I certainly know I do! Thank you for stepping outside your comfort zone & sharing your fierceness with us. You never fail to inspire me, Claudia.

  8. Awesome project! Great photo! Love all the texture and inky goodness! Thanks for joining along with MTW :)

  9. A great journal page, Claudia! I love the earthy tones, what a beautiful background for your selfie! A fierce look? I can see so much determination in your look, and the kind of smile... I share your meaning of layers, and finally you find some to this full of teeth character... Bravo! I wish I had your courage to show such a meaningful selfie page!

  10. You achieved so many things with only one page, it's at least remarkable !! Textures, layers, colors and selfie all serve the purpose to present us your personality!! Its a great piece of art and self expression, well done !!! Thank you for joining us at More than Words !!

  11. Geniale Gestaltung, so viele tolle Effekte und Texturen im HG und dann dieses jecke Foto dazu,sollte es da Achtung bissige Claudia heißen? ;) Wanted hätte ich es unterschrieben. ggg* Super Idee!
    Liebe Grüße, hab eine gute streßfreie Woche. Zwischendurch immer mal OM!
    Sabine xox

  12. Fiercely beautiful I would say. Brave too. I also hate having my picture taken. This concept is really intriguing for that reason - to make you step out of your comfort zone. I may try this one. Lucy

  13. Thanks Claudia for taking the challenge & joining us over @ More Than Words, This is SENSATIONAL! :)

  14. Love this, Love You, Claudia!! :) :) XOXO-Shari

  15. This is fantastic! I love that you're "fierce' all warriors are! Your page is stunning! love that stamp and your background work is outstanding! All the best from More Than Words! :)

  16. Oh you are so funny and I am wih you on the selfies! Wonderous and layered design. Loves this! Fantabulous colors and effect on the pic as well! Hugz to you muffin!

  17. This is incredibly amazing! The layers, the textures, the warmth of the colors! Thank you for playing with us @ More than Words!

  18. You took our challenge and ran with it!! You did a wonderful job documenting your personality and how it inspired your page! Absolutely love it! Thank you so much for playing along with us at More Than Words!! :)

  19. Oh my - I love this! Your page and the story behind it are amazing! Thanks for joining in our very first More Than Words challenge!


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