Monday, 5 February 2018

Always remember that...

Well, that's definitely something I lately found I seem to have somehow forgotten, so  I decided to create a project to remind me of this and some other - seemingly - simple truths, so I don't loose myself in frustration along my creative journey.

The whole project (as this isn't a journal page, but actually a detail shot from a larger project) can be seen at the Calico Craft Parts Blog - together with loads of colourful mixed media goodness and a how-to with steps images as well of course.

I hope to see you over there soon!

Have a good start into the week! 
Claudia xxx


  1. Wow Claudia - I went and saw and it was FABULOUSLY INSPIRING. XXj.

  2. What a cool make Claudia! I really love the colors you used and I especially love the words and quotes- this whole project speaks to me!
    sending hugs,Jackie xx


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