Sunday, 1 April 2018

"Happy Moments - Like Beads on a String" - a Baked Texture Project for MixedUp Magazine and Emerald Creek Craft Supplies

Hi, servus and happy Easter, dear creative friends!

I would like to share my latest Baked Texture project that I did for MixedUp to showcase Seth Apter's and Kim's amazing Emerald Creek Baked Texture artists embossing powders. There's a full tutorial and more info on this project on the MixedUp Magazine site.

Here's a little sneak peek:

Alongside a variety of DecoArt and DecoArt media products I have used almost all of the Baked Texture embossing powder colours on this project - Vintage Beeswax (one of my favs), Ancient Amber (my other, Chunky Rust, Rocky Road, Dirty Sand and Patina Oxide....well, honestly they're all favs of mine (including the Deep Sea that I didn't use this time) as I think Seth and Kim really have taken embossing powders to the next level and made them a serious artists medium to use in your artwork.

Learn more about the how-to and the idea behind the project over HERE on the MixedUp Magazine site. 

Happy Easter and happy crafting!

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