Monday, 28 May 2018

Happiness Comes in Waves, Doesn't it?

Sometimes nature can be overwhelming in its beauty. We all know moments like these, when happiness washes over us like a warm wave - simply because we are touched by nature's wonders. Right now the fields surrounding my home are covered over and over with red poppies - a sight that fills me with awe for these tender yet strong flowers.

The time frame for this special sight is quite narrow - which only makes me treasure this special time of year even more. A sea of red - suddenly there and gone in only a few days!

I needed to capture my feel of amazement (or at least try to do so). If you want to find out how I did it and how the finished project looks, simply hop over to the Calico Craft Parts Blog. I would love to see you over there!

Hugs and happy crafting!


  1. Beautiful ! Wild poppies are most favourite flower so delicate and stunningly beautiful

  2. beautiful, poppies are just starting to bloom here too.

  3. Claudia!!! This is beyond beautiful!! Absolutely Stunning!
    Off to learn more-
    Jackie xo


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