Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Wellbeing Through Creativity - Join Me and 21 Other Creative Tutors in an Amazing Six Weeks Wellspring Summer School

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Hi, servus and thanks so much for stopping by on this special day!

Special for me, because I am announcing my first Video Class I have put together and recorded for you and that is part of a six weeks long fantastic creative summer school named Wellspring 2019  and is offered by Mixed Up Creative over at their Mixed Up Creative Academy platform.

This is how lovely Katy, the mastermind behind Mixed Up Creative and this summer school explains what Wellspring 2019 is all about:

Wellspring is a six-week summer school focussing on the power of creativity for self-care. We’ll look at how you can learn to use your creative time in ways that can be beneficial to your mental wellbeing. In a series of 25 detailed lessons, we will explore topics around the creative self, challenge you to look at how you work and what blocks you may have, consider how and why art can be so good for your soul, and make lots of fun projects along the way. Plus, you’ll learn more about how and why art can be therapeutic from mindfulness and art therapy experts.

OMG! I just love being part of this!!!!
I guess we all know how much creativity and well being are connected and about the therapeutic effects of creative processes, but here you will find over twenty classes that will in one or the other way show you how to nurture your creative self and soul. To take a peek at the projects your tutors have designed for Wellspring 2019, simply click on the link at the bottom of this post or watch the short video right here.

My project is all about facing those parts of our personalities that we do not feel comfortable with - anger and frustration. And it is about unveiling the energy hidden or locked away within these feelings. It is about becoming whole and accepting all the facets of our personality - which is a crucial factor when it comes to wellbeing and self-care.
Looking at it from the creative side, we will be tackling the much feared topic of self-portraits - but in a new and totally stress- and failure-free way!
And you can even attend this class without having to dig deep down into your selves and still profit from the technique shown to grow your confidence with portrait painting. And of course you can also profit from the psychological effect behind the project without having to create the perfect self-portrait. Either way - I hope my class will help you as much in increasing your wellbeing as it did with me.

For those who want to save a few bucks...there is an early bird price that runs until Thurs, 13th June.

There will be some pre-school classes that start on 14th June.
These remain open until 30th June, at which point registrations will close.
Wellspring Summer School officially starts 1st July and will offer 25 lessons spread across six weeks in July and August. There will also be a private facebook group where tutors and students can discuss and share their progress.

More information and all the deets you need to know can be found here:

I can feel an exciting summer filled with creativity and well being
lying ahead of us!
Hope to see you over there! 


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