Thursday, 12 September 2019

What to Make From Left Over Gameboard Token Chipboard Frames - a DecoArt Mixed Media Project

Servus and thanks so much for stopping by today!
This is another invite over to the DecoArt Mixed Media Blog, where I am sharing a project done using a left over chipboard frame that came with one of our numerous board games our friends, my husband and I love to play.

Most of these games have a lot of tokens and these come pre-punched but still in their chipboard frames for safer transport. I like to keep the frames as these are usually made from very sturdy chipboard and often they make for perfect frames to create little display trays from. Perfect for a collector of all things small and wondrous like me ;)

So this was how the frame looked before...

...and this is a sneak peek of how it looked after I had used some of my favourite DecoArt media products and paints on it.

There's a very detailed tutorial with loads of steps images over at the DecoArt Mixed Media Blog and I hope you will like it (and the finished project of course) ! I have already put it up on my wall as it displays some of my favourite shells and fossils. They have been stored away in a drawer for way too long - now I am happy that I can look at them every day. And as I am quite happy with how the tray turned out I am happy to look at that too. ;)

Hugs and happy crafting!

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  1. I also love to collect shell and little pieces of 'stuff'. What a great way to showcase them. I so enjoy your work and look forward to seeing it. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful collage.


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