Thursday, 14 November 2019

Autumnal Splendor... what I love especially about this time of the year.

Even when in late autumn the leaves have almost all fallen to the ground and start losing their warm red, yellow and orange colours and Vienna seems to drown in a foggy soup of cotton wool most of the days I love the tranquillity that comes along with a slowed down pace at everyday life.

It''s time to light candles again and have a cuddly time in front of a fireplace after returning home from a refreshing walk with my dog.

On our walks we usually meet the crows...sometimes when it is very foggy outside I am rather hearing than seeing them, but they are always there and I love hearing how they communicate or when they come close and drop me their walnuts so I can crack them open for them...they have also already made friends with my dog girlie,
Bluna, and often they come down and tease her, touching her lightly at her back and landing not too far away from her, waiting for her to chase them (but Bluna knows this is a game she can't win, so she sometimes just kind of fakes she's starting to chase them and just stands and watches them fly away).

I tried to capture this special mood and time of year in a tag that I made for the DecoArt Mixed Media Blog.

Over there I am sharing the whole process in detailed steps (as always). This time I have used chipboard and laser cut MDF shapes (from Calico Craft Parts and Creative Embellishments) that I used various DecoArt and DecoArt media products and paints on to create different textures and effects (like the "feathers" for the crows). I especially tried to create a foggy sunset background - which maybe was the hardest part when creating the tag.

But I think it all came together quite nicely in the end...and I hope you will think that too when you hop over to the DecoArt Mixed Media Blog ;)

What is your favourite time of the year and what is it that you especially love about it? What would it be that you would want to capture on a tag about your favourite time of the year? 

Hugs and happy November crafting!

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