Monday 21 January 2013

My personal Top 12 for 2012

Catered Crop want to see our Top 12 creations of the last year! Phew - quite difficult, I think. To choose twelve projects doesn't make choosing easier for me - it only elongates the process *lol.

But it is an awesome idea for a challenge as it makes you browse through all your projects from one year of creative activity - and I am sure by doing so one can learn a lot about one's own process of creative development. Or maybe discover some almost forgotten technique you might want to return to.... who knows...(and not to forget: it makes you browse through awesome top twelves from other crafting colleagues *giggle...have already visited and commented a couple of them and will return to it when there's more time - there's loads of awesome projects to be seen!  ;).

My choice of the Top 12 for 2012 are (in chronological order - from oldest to most recent ones):

#1 My first "scrap" piece of art ever - a 3D scenery with a very personal story behind it: "and then the fairy touched his heart"

#2 The "Love and Passion tag" (love the photo booth picture of that guy and that wire heart!)

#3 The "ATC storage" - made from a fantastic metal photo box I altered (first time working with AAI - this is such awesome stuff!)

#4 The "Bad Moon Rising" card (as I love Noir Comics and spooky stories)

#5 The "Love, I am so worried about you!"-tag (just love that couple...she is sooo worried and he has that caring look...has to be true love, hasn't it?...sigh...)

#6 "The Practical Witches' Companion" - an altered Altoids box for Halloween ( I LOVE Halloween!)

#7 The "Let's tell off for play!" - Leporello (altered playing cards and "Oblatenbildchen")

#8 The "Fall is the door to renewal"-tag (using real patina for the first time)

#9 The "Steampunk Willow" (I love working with wire and that special stamp set)

#10 The "Treasure your Memories"-booklet (with old pictures of my ancestors hiking a glacier! Wow!)

#11 The altered domino booklet (using metal leafing and alcohol inks)

#12 The altered tin box containing a self-made buttons-bracelet (a X-mas present for my sister)

Voila! It was a hard job choosing but I finally made it. Thanks to Catered Crop - what a great opportunity to get a look around the fellow crafters and their choices! Thank you for visiting, my dear friends, old and new followers! So glad, you stopped by!


die amelie x

Top 12 for 2012


  1. Awesome to look back over the year and see such amazing creations!
    Dot x

  2. HI Claudia, what an amazing 'show' - love them all.
    Avril xx

  3. Claudia...I love your Top 12! Your art is amazing...all pieces very different...something I really love! Thanks for your sweet comment you left on my blog. I truly appreciate your thoughts and your time to stop by! <3 Candy

  4. WOW Claudia - what an incredible repertoire you have - seriously impressive showcase! Nicola x

  5. Fantastic your top 12. Beautiful art work.
    lovely greet

  6. Wow! Each piece is gorgeous! Thank you for putting this together! I loved looking at each project! :)

  7. I already know you're an amazing artist, but seeing so many of your creations one after another makes it even clearer - the vision, the sensibility of the creator is so vivid and imaginative, and your skills are awe-inspiring. So proud to count you as a crafting friend...
    Alison xx

  8. I have to agree with everything that's already been said; you are so talented, and I admire your work so much. Thank you for sharing. xxx Keren

  9. Wow Claudia.........your creations are amazing and very inspiring. Stunning work that I wo7uld like to thank you for sharing

    Annie x

  10. All fabulous, but I really love your ATC storage box. Amazing!! Your tins are so wonderful, too.

  11. Truly fantastic work! I love all of them! Tried choosing a favorite and failed!
    Patsy from

  12. Alle Werke sind so wunderschön und phantasievoll gestaltet.ich bin begeistert davon. Könnte auch keinen Favoriten nennen, gefallen mir Alle gleich gut. Ein Genuß für die Augen.
    Liebe Grüße


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