Thursday, 21 June 2018

A Little Lodger

Something totally different today...

Just when I was about to head to my studio to do some design team "homework", my son brought a little swallow. He found it totally exhausted on the hot concrete ground in the patio of our apartment building. It obviously fell out of one of the many nests we have here, which is one of very few places in and around Vienna where swallows breed.

We've already had bird experts come count the swallows' nests and swallows here and our patio has recently been on local TV as well. Having swallows nesting in our patio is so special, because statistics say that their population in Austria has halved during the last 20 years - so their return to newly founded breeding areas in some regions of Vienna is a good thing! 

Our little guest has already had some dextrose and four grass hoppers. It seems it has no injuries - so there's a good chance we can help it regain strength and maybe even start to fly before we send her back to its flock.

My son is out right now, hunting grass hoppers and other insects for his little guest...let's hope our little fellow will make it!


  1. Ich drücke die Daumen für Eure Schwalbe!
    Liebe Grüße

  2. How precious! And you have gotten this sweet thing to take nourishment? I think that is wonderful- good on you Claudia!
    Jackie xo


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