Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Gift it or Grid it - Customised Pillow Boxes for StencilGirl Products

Hi, servus and welcome to my short invitation over to the StencilGirl Talk Blog. I am sharing a new tutorial and project over there and if you are in need for a quickly done wrapping for a small present this might be the right tuto for you ;)

I have done a full tutorial video this time and you can find that alongside a lot of images and further info on paints and stencils used in today's blog post over HERE.

Here's an image of the finished pillow boxes.

The video shows how I've layered paints and stencils to create the strips and how I have applied these in a grid-like manner to the die cut and folded pillowboxes. (I have used the Tim Holtz Pillow Box with Labels die - an oldie but definitely still a goodie - to die cut my boxes but you could as well alter bought boxes of course). If you don't want to do the pillowboxes but create the mixed media strips for other projects like maybe using them on a journal page or a book cover the video is still worth a look as you can watch me building up layers and picking stencils and colours during the process.

I hope you'll like it! Thanks for stopping by and as always

hugs and happy crafting!

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