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Our Creative Corner - "history untold"

Hello out there, my dear friends, followers and those yet to become ;)

I am very proud today to officially show you my very first project as a member of  Our Creative Corner's DT and thus offer you some mid-month motivation and inspiration!

There is still almost a fortnight to go with joining the challenge and I would love to see your awesome creations over there too! This month is "anything goes" time!!!! So I am sure I will see a lot of awesome projects entered... ;)

For my first OCC project as a Design Teamie I chose to do one of my favourite "themes" - a booklet. It turned out rather feminine, which is not what I do mostly, but that is just how this booklet turned out - it developed almost by itself (and maybe I developed alongside with it too ;).

I apologize in advance for a rather word and picture heavy post ;)

"history untold" means the history we - the ordinary people like you and me - "write" just by being in places and living our lives... sometimes at places that have a wider known history on their own...but would they have it without people who have been telling it? I believe it is us, who write history and not the places.

Maybe Dr. Watson would have never become Sherlock Holmes' "room mate" hadn't he heard that violin? How would this have changed the Sherlock Holmes stories?

A galant kiss behind closed doors might have changed some lives of girls, we do not know of... but a great "story" may have started with such an event... and I am sure, this has happened in famous places too... Prague, Rome, Venice... who knows? And where did something like this happen to you? This place has it's very special history now for you, hasn't it?

There lived a lot of highly talented women who painted famous places for their own personal keeping...never showing it to anyone but their dearest friends or family. Think of Sibylla Merian, who was one of the first women who became famous for their painted work... just because we don't know of them, this does not mean that there are a lot of gifted artists/painters out there...even today.

I often wonder how childhood days friendships looked like some fifty, eighty, hundred, two hundred years ago... what was it that children rejoiced in? Are the sounds of their giggles, cushioned by hands held quickly to their mouths, and whispered eternal friendship vows still captured with the bricks of old buildings in famous places? Sometimes I touch these old stones and try to listen with my fingertips...

Which untold stories could a boy have witnessed, waiting for his father to return from the pub, hearing the men's laughter and smelling the warm food?

What about history, written about long lasting female friendship? Shared thoughts well hidden underneath new hats? Afternoon tea filled with gossip, great plans and expectations?

I often wonder how many stories that would be real history (and not only fiction) are out there - yet untold, because they would be the history of people like you and me. And I am sure many of them would be as adventurous and special as history we know today, that has been handed down about famous people...

I used papers from the lovely Prima "Script Pad" as pages, cut them to size and treated the edges using the Sizzix OntheEdge tabs die from Tim Holtz. The backs of the single pages - as they were white - were coloured by using DI "aged mahogany", "pumice stone" and "iced spruce"... applying them to the craft sheet, spritzing with water and dipping the pages through the puddles of ink.

The stamps used for this booklet are from flonzcraft, IndigoBlu, HeroArts and DarkroomDoor. The stains were stamped using Andy Skinner, BoBunny and Tim Holtz texture stamps and heat embossed with dark red "Sternenstaub" embossing powder to add a little bling and contrast.

The images and words were stamped on light beige card (with DI "aged mahogany"), cut out and glued - edges blended with DI "walnut stain" - to the prepared pages.

For the binding I bent two rings of dark wire, which I embellished with a lovely
Artemio button and some coloured lace ribbon.

I left the "history" rather sketchy - to leave enough room for imagination and thoughts on possible untold history - maybe even running with ones own family.

Browsing through old photographs showing my ancestors or reading notes they once made in corners of books or written postcards to their loved ones often makes me wonder how much "history" might be found there  - untold yet (and sadly most of the time remaining untold, as noone is left to tell...).

So I created this booklet as a kind of reminder too - to remind me/us to tell our stories/history to our next of kin. Maybe write a diary... or leaving notes in our calendars and keep them... so we can tell our grand children what once was a "moment of importance" to us as it changed our lives...

I leave you with these thoughts and some more close-ups and hope you have enjoyed this rather word- AND picture-heavy post.... I look forward to seeing your creations  over at OurCreativeCorner! :)

I am entering SSSaS's "little paper" challenge and FSC's "Anything Goes" challenge with this project.


Claudia - die amelie xx


  1. Hi Claudia, I loved reading this post reading your thoughts as you created each page of this wonderful book. Thank you for sharing. Hugs Mo x

  2. Such clever ideas Claudia. I love that each page tells it's own story and that you've mixed a feminine colour palette with those amazing metal embellishments. A perfect start. Hugs, Jenny x

  3. What a lovely booklet and I loved reading your thought proces behind every page. It makes it so much more than just a booklet =). Beautiful.

  4. What a wonderful little book and what a great story you created with it! History untold, imho is so often far more interesting than what the history books tell us. I love the feminine colours and beautiful stamping and backgrounds too! Great little book!!

  5. Simply wonderful, Claudia... an album that not only looks completely beautiful, but that carries so many thought-provoking and beautiful thoughts. I love "thinking between the lines" of history and literature, and what a fabulous way to bring some of those possibilities to life. An amazing, amazing creation!
    Alison xx

  6. This booklet is BRILLIANT,the colors, the stamping inking splotches, make for a brilliant book thanks so much for sharing it wonderful.. Have a wonderful creative day..

  7. Claudia...what a great little story book! I love the colors and all of the vintage stamping. Very cool little History Untold book. Makes me want to know MORE!! I love the iron gate die cut you've used on the edges of the covers and the tab cuts on the actual pages. What a really neat creation! Thanks for sharing your art with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. <3 Candy

  8. Ich finde dein Booklet eher vintage als feminin. Ganz grosse klasse! Die Story dazu ist genial. Bilder anschauen und nebenbei noch lernen kommt immer gut (:o)

  9. Claudia, this is totally gorgeous! You should do pink and feminine more often! I loved reading your post as it brought the little book alive for me. Beautiful colour, images, papers, stamps and embellishments. Wonderful mid challenge inspiration. . . . .

  10. Loved reading your post, its an awesome project with so much detail. Thank you for sharing it with us at FSC as well.
    Yvonne x

  11. Hi Claudia, this is a beautiful book and I just love the story you created to go along with it, makes me want to know more... I really love the splats you used throughout the book to give it such a aged feel. I love the feminine look of it too, it is almost like you found it amongst some ancestor's belongings. So beautiful! Hugs, Anne x

  12. Deliciously vintage Claudia. I love the style of your book, the wonderful images and colours. A great job.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  13. Wow Claudia - what a labour of love - this is wonderful! Really like such a fememine piece from you too - superbly done. Nicola x

  14. What lovely words to go with your beautiful book Claudia - I really enjoyed reading your post. Such a lot of detail on the pages, this would make a wonderful keepsake for someone. Love, Margie xx

  15. What a great idea, something to treasure. I love the colours you have used, it looks very vintage.

  16. Wow, das ist ein atemberaubendes Projekt, es gibt eine Menge zu sehen, total klasse. Vielen Dank für deine Teilnahme bei FSC.

  17. Oh my, this is just a masterpiece, Claudia! Love the way you used the on the edge die to create the page tabs. Beautiful stamping and inking on every single page! What amazing inspiration for our visitors at the OCC!


  18. AMAZING Claudia...what a great vintage book! Your stamping, colouring and shaping is so this little one in total. Pin :-)

    kind regards, Alie :-)

  19. Awesome creation! I love all the vintage pages and papers you used, with the drops of ink here and there...great images too! What FUN!!! Thanks for making a big impact with a little paper this week here at Simon Says Stamp & Show!

  20. WOW!!!! Ich glaube, weitere Worte spar' ich mir!!!! ;-) WOW!!!!

  21. Hi Claudia, This is a fabulous booklet. Love the theme you have chosen, and such wonderful images and sentiments. bringing everything to life.
    Thanks for sharing this with us at FSC
    Avril xx

  22. Fireworks!! Claudia - What a marvelous idea to show us the stream of consciousness in your booklet, and it's inspiring to look at life moments through pink colored glasses. I´m a big fan of your crafting. Congrats on your new OCC DTmembership - xx klistersøster

  23. Wow! A really beautiful creation.
    Thanks for joining in with our FSC Anything Goes challenge.
    Fliss x


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