Monday, 28 April 2014

CC3C - Challenge 01 - Paint Marbling

Servus, dear readers, crafting friends and creative folk out there!

Today I finally managed to do my first ATB (Artist Trading Block). I haven't got the much celebrated Eileen Hull die, but it wasn't too complicated to create my own template as it just needed a bit of measuring, calculating and drawing.

I love the distress paint marbling effect and I thought I would use it on my first ATB and see how heavy distress paint marbling in vivid colours might look like when displayed as a cube...

...and as the fabulous "Compendium of Curiosities Challenge Vol. III" - hosted by Linda Ledbetter - just started, this was the perfect occasion to join in the fun!

There's a prize sponsored by

this time! Yay!

As it is a cube I thought I might create an "artist's die"...a die to roll in case of loss of artistic confidence or mojo. It tells you what to do to get back on track ;)

This time the distress paint marbling went really well and I was excited to watch the distress paints do their magic on the once white card!

It was fun fiddling with the right sides to put together while stamping so the designs would run around the corners and edges!

The numbers were heat embossed using one of the TH stencils and various distress embossing powders (walnut stain, brown puffs, tea die).

Before I put the cube together I blended all edges with DI "gathered twigs". The six encouragement words were stamped onto a scrap on which I used the left overs from the paint marbling, cut out and glued in place. I blended them in with Distress markers.

I had a lot of fun messing around today and I hope a bit of it shows with my encouragement artists die! Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia x


  1. Oh, I could really use a dice like this right now! I would need one side to say 'keep calm', though. It would get nicely distressed corners from being rolled over and over again, for sure! ;)
    Beautiful work!

  2. Oh my gosh! I love this, Claudia! What a fun way to create a perfectly brilliant marbled ATB. I'm so glad that you created this and are sharing it with all of us at CC3C. I love your art and this is really a fun piece! <3 Candy

  3. I love this Claudia!!! Great version with that paint marbling. Jenny x

  4. Stunning ATB Claudia and the paint marbling looks brilliant! As do the other elements. I made my first block from scratch too, but I have to say, now that I have the dies, I do like them and it makes it all a lot quicker....

    1. As the new dies are not only hard to get over here in Austria, Astrid,

      but cost at least an additional third of their price due to ridiculous shipping costs to my place, I hardly ever buy dies (or any other crafting/stamping stuff) of which I know I won't use very often to be honest. Sadly it is too expensive to be up to date with most of the latest releases when you live in tiny Austria....So mostly I either wait for things to get "old" and on sale or do the templates myself. But as creating a block jjust requires to make two stripes of card with two glue tabs at their ends each, it really isn't a great deal. ;) x

    2. Wow...I love this Claudia! So many different and interesting aspects, but not all on one panel. And the numbered sides is a nice touch too.
      Dot x

  5. Beautifully made and put together, I don't own the die either, but like you it doesn't take long to make the template for one. Love the colours and stamping snd the paint marbling has worked perfectly xx

  6. That is awesome that you made your own template. I never would have known if you didn't let us in on the secret. The end result is gorgeous.

  7. wow, schaut coll aus. die farben sind wieder mal (für mich) DER hit.....
    alles liebe

  8. LOVE this idea Claudia and the colours are fab too x

  9. fabby creation... love the box you have made... thanks for sharing your art with us and joining in with the CC3C x

  10. Absolut inspirierend Dein Traumwürfel!
    sei lieb gegrüßt von

  11. Wow! Fabulous ATB, such a lot of fantastic detail.

  12. Love that you made an of new fav things to make! Each side is wonderful! Love the colors as well! Thank you so much for playing along in our first CC3 Challenge!!!

  13. Such a cute ATB - lovely marbling!
    Alison x

  14. Very nice! Love those vibrant colors and your Paint Marbling play!

  15. I really like the ATB! I hope to be able to participate in this challenge, too! Your work is beautiful, unusual colors for you but absolutely gorgeous!! BArbarayaya


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