Wednesday, 23 September 2015

He/She is a ...

We all are several "persons".
I am a mother, then a wife, an artist, a friend, a sister, an aunt, a daugther...not always in the same order.

And there are days for example when I would like to be more of an adventurer than having to do my household stuff or walk the dog along the same old paths. Sometimes this feeling from inside breaks through and I end up for example  having bought a piece of clothing I thought was perfect for feeling and showing my inner adventurer's nature....not daring to wear it, because the feeling from that day has gone.

Do photographs show what we really "are"? And are we aware that we see more than a one-dimensional person when we look at photographs? I'm not so sure. And my series of four altered playing cards is an attempt to make the beholder think about the persons he sees...

 I used Distress stains and Distress marker ("ground espresso"), designer papers, ephemera, washi tape, used and dried tea bags, DecoArt Decou-Page,  DecoArt media black modelling paste and stencils and word stickers for my four cards. For a larger view click on the images.

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  1. I really like these ATC's and your post! Nice background texture and colors! They really look aged! Nicely done! I am a lover of ATC's!

  2. Oui, superbes! I share this feeling and sometimes I could stare hours in front of portraits imagining the life of the person right here... Your atcs are just full of details to watch... A delight!

  3. Uuuuu, love those! :)
    Have an amazing day, Claudia!

  4. Die.....könnte ich mir überall in der Butze aufhängen. Das ist die Inspiration vorm Herrn :))

  5. I love these a lot - and maybe because I am into Genealogy too, I look at them and wonder who they really are and where they came from and their lives.... Beautiful colours and details.... Gill xx

  6. Wunderschöne Minicollagen oder ATC's , ein Zusammenspiel von so vielen Einzelelementen, die sich dann in ein harmonisches Ganzes einfügen und immer individuelle Geschichten erzählen, ich mag das ohne Ende :-)!

  7. Fabulous collection of cards, Claudia!! Each one has its own story to tell and I'm sure each person is more than what they seem--just like us!! :) :) Claudia--Wear that piece of clothing! Bring out that adventuring spirit, in which you searched & found said piece of clothing, and wear it even if no one else sees it!! You will alight the fire of boldness and fun you felt when you first saw it and who knows where those feelings will take you!! :) :) XOXO-Shari

  8. Wow, wieder einmal ganz, ganz großartig!

  9. I love these ATC can you tell us how you did them and where di you get the pictures to use.??

    1. It's mainly a process of layering torn paper scraps, washi tape and cut out photos from a Tim Holtz designer paper pad (sorry, don't know anymore which one it was) plus some black modeling paste through a stencil, Mary. ;) x


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