Wednesday 12 October 2016

WOYWW #384

Servus, dear readers and crafting friends!

You have stopped by just in time to see my what's on my workdesk this Wednesday - thanks to lovely Julia Dunnit who is hosting this nice and always inspiring desk-hop. If you want to know more about "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday" click HERE to get to Julia's blog where she explains what this is all about.

On my workdesk you can see my Calico Craft Parts box that I have just been rummaging through - in search of ...nah, let's keep that a secret for now. ;)

In the background are a lot of bits 'n bobs and stuff that I need to have close at hand - be it for use or for inspiration. You can also spot my newly bought Seth Apter Spellbinders die to the left...and some Tim Holtz stencils next to them. What else? Sizzix Big Shot of course (one of the best presents I have ever been given by my wonderful husband!) and that huge canister of matte Decou-Page (if I wouldn't need it for glueing and sealing - and I really mean NEED - I guess I would drink it. It surely is my most used and turned to medium. lol

The wooden box that holds my Calico Craft parts was just plain wood on the outside when I got it and I started altering it ages ago...and never really finished it up. I have no idea why.

Maybe I will add some finishing touches some day. Maybe not. Sometimes you reach a dead end with projects - but it is in good use now, so I am fine with it as it is.

I will try to visit some of your desks during the next days. I really enjoy seeing the desks (and studios) of others - no matter if they resemble my style or if they are completely different - they always match the style of the finished projects that come to life on these desks, don't they?

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by!
Hugs and happy crafting


  1. Hi Claudia, my I do love that box. better to wait until you get the perfect ideas, I agree. Lots of lovely stash to see. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #6 xxx

  2. Du hast aber fein aufgeräumt, ich denke, ich muss dich unbedingt engagieren ;-), die Box ist nicht nur sehr praktisch, sondern auch wieder super gelungen! LG Kerstin xx

  3. That is a beautiful box as you have it now. Happy Wednesday! LisaDV #26

  4. what a glorious box! I love the calico art parts too, they are so useful aren't they?! you have quite a collection! Helen #1

  5. Beautiful box. You're teasing us not letting us know what you were looking for and what you're going to make. I'll just have to stay tuned.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #30

  6. Happy WOYWW. The outside of your box is so different to the plain interior - a fab contrast. Lots of lovely stash on your desk. Ali x #10

  7. Sometimes when you start on something like your box it's better to stop working on it and then go back to it with a fresh eye. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 19

  8. The box looks great. I'm curious to see what it is you are looking for. Nice stash of parts too!
    Chris #24

  9. I love your desk! And that parts box is wonderful... whether you add more to it or not. :) Have a great week! Heather #40

  10. great looking desk Claudia! I love altering boxes and things and have a lot of fun and useful stuff from what would have been tossed in the trash bin. Love that craft box! Vickie #2

  11. Your box looks great! But I do understand how you might think it needs finishing and then not actually finish it. Sometimes, I find, projects just have to be put aside and wait for further inspiration, even if it takes ages to arrive :) There's some very interesting things on your desk, including all the bits in the box :)
    RosA # 28

  12. Hi again,
    Thanks for visiting. The "mail art" envelope is a recycled heavy paper shopping bag. It's not finished yet. Hopefully soon.

  13. Happy WOYWW to you Claudia Nd boy do I love your CCP box !!! Wonderful colours and decor !!!

    Sending you my best wishes
    Annie x

  14. Woo You are pretty organized Claudia!!
    can't wait to see what you make with the secret pieces you were looking for! xx

  15. I always love to see the desk of other artists. But I have to say that my eye zoomed to the cover of the box. Wonderful!

  16. Love the inside and outside of that box. Great desk, full of goodies i could enjoy playing with.
    Next flight to Vienna!
    Have a lovely week and thanks for stoping by my blog when I was away.
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx

  17. Oooh, that is an awesome box there and I really like those wooden die-cuts as well! I really like what you did with the box already, whether you leave it like that or work on it later. Sometimes the dead-end is your destination and there's nothing wrong with that! Thanks so much for visiting earlier and sorry it took me this long to get back! zsuzsa #22


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