Friday, 2 May 2014

Art Journaling in Progress

Servus, dear and true creative travellers!

If you remember the journal page I recently created for the actual challenge at Our Creative Corner, you may also have noticed how much I enjoyed using all those old and meaningful ephemera and scrap on it. If you don't know what I am talking about have a look here.

I actually had such a ball creating this page that I did another one! Now there are these two pages in my journal and I just love all the layers and the aged look and that they were made mainly from stuff that other people consider as trash. Well, we creative folk see the world with all the stuff in it with different eyes, I guess ;)

On my other - more "serious" - art blog "Von Pappe" you will find a more detailed post about the how-to, a lot of close ups and even a short "animation" that shows how the right page develloped throughout the process. So all those who have always wanted to peek over my shoulder and watch me creating the stuff I usually do: hop over and have a look! It isn't a video (I'm too shy honestly to do a video tutorial *blush), but it is a short animated slide show that lets you follow the process step by step. See what I added and in which order.

I would love it if you stopped by my other creative spot! And I will try to repay the visit! Promise!

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia xx


  1. fantastisch, gefällt mir sehr!

  2. Brilliant!!
    Amanda x

  3. I am little late with saying thank you for the kind message you left on my blog. I am on holiday so getting on the net has been limited to a few minutes here and there when there is a connection. It meant a lot to me to read your sweet comments - thank you. I am so in awe of your amazing work always - this latest journal page has me drooling!

  4. Really fabulous pages! Fantastic work.

  5. Wow that is fabulous, Elizabeth x

  6. Wahnsinn!!!! Die werden ja immer besser (wenn das überhaupt noch geht :-)).... Echt fantastisch!!!!


  7. Really stunning! Love it! Hugs, Sandra

  8. Ein Traum, Du hast soviel Kreativität in Dir, das ich immer wieder aufs neue staune, über Deine genialen Werke ;o)
    Ich glaube da wäre ich lieber bei Dir Mäuschen ;o)
    Übrigens, hier kannst Du mal in meine "Schubladen" einen kleinen Einblick nehmen, wenn Du magst ;o)

  9. Gorgeous journal page Claudia, so much detail. Hope you don't mind me commenting rather late.
    Trying to catch up with a few things.
    Dec. to March is always a busy time for us (ski season) and then there were family stuff lol!
    Anyway, happy crafting, Angela and love and kisses from BP mini me xxx

  10. Whoaa. This is amazing. Beyond amazing! Absolutely stunning!

  11. More great pages... looking forward to the slide show!
    Alison x

  12. Claudia...thank you so much for the very sweet comment you left on my blog. You always pump me up and make me feel so good. Your art journal pages are such works of art! You make it look so easy and effortless. I love your art because you do things that are different. Your art pulls me in and makes me want to study it. I love how you combine color, pattern and texture to express yourself through your art. Keep on inspiring! <3 Candy

  13. wow Claudia..... i have struggled to see what's so great about this art journalling trend that everyone seems to be going through... but having seen a few of your pages, I am a convert. these are beautiful pages. wonderful composition.


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