Friday, 30 January 2015

How to Find Neverland?

Well, use a map of course. ;)

Making maps is something I loved to do as a kid and I can tell my pupils loved it too when being asked to draw maps leading to secret hidden treasures on some island yet to be discovered!

And I found that it still is a wonderful thing to do today - only with other media at hand than back in my childhood days. ;)

Another art journal card (measuring 4x6'') I did using rubber stamps and designer paper (from 7 Dots Studio's "Destination Unknown" collection), Brushos, old book pages that had been coloured with washes of earthy tones first, white Gesso and a black china ink pen.

As the Brushos always re-react when getting wet (which also happens when getting in contact with glue for example) this is a rather "accidental" technique in which you have to either embrace imperfection (which gets a loud "YES" from me) or simply wash off too much colour by adding clear water with a soft detail brush and dabbing it all off with a piece of dry cloth.

You can of course also seal your piece with a spray-on sealant before continueing to work on it. But I actually like how the blue spread on the glued on pieces as well and made them blend in this way.

The dictionary pages had been lying on my desk for ages. I had painted them with some left over colour washes for a different project (as I hate to waste anything)...not knowing what to use them for back then. But they make a beautiful mainland, don't they?

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia xxx


  1. What a gorgeous, fabulous creative idea Claudia! Wonderful! Ruth x

  2. Super Idee, die Kontinente aus alten Buchseiten zu machen, sogar mit Flussdelta und die Zufallseffekte bei den Sprühfarben sind immer die Besten, die machen das Ganze immer echt spannend. Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Winterurlaub! LG Kerstin xx

  3. Hello Claudia,
    Love, love the Blue it just makes this page sing!

  4. Sure this map leads to a treasure ! Lovely!

  5. Very clever to use the dictionary pages as the map love it! Dee c

  6. Gorgeous color bleed Claudia! And your page looks like a Neverland with that deep rich color! xo

  7. There's a glorious depth to your Brusho oceans, and I love the dictionary page land masses. I adore old maps, and can pore over them for hours... Wonderful art journal card.
    Alison xx

  8. Oh Boy, could I use a trip to Neverland ;) !! This is a wonderful little treasure map, Claudia!! I love how the blues seeped and bled and reacted--it looks like this was a well used & loved map :) XOXO-Shari

  9. Love the colours Claudia. Accidental or not, love the technique!
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  10. Wow it is gorgeous Claudia, that blue is stunning! Kimx

  11. Love this! I still love maps...and still dream of being a cartographer😃 great colors.

  12. Wow love that Neverland map Claudia. The colours are beautiful.
    Hugs Jan x

  13. Gorgeous, idea and project itself!!! "Mistakes" with glue and brusho are perfect and I love the effect!


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