Wednesday 7 January 2015

It's all New!

At least it is over at the Paper Artsy blog and when I read their post about the new challenge and some of the changes they decided to make to the blog for 2015 I thought that the Paper Artsy team have just had the same impression as I have been having for quite some time now....

They have decided to reduce quantity of posts and also leave more space (and time) for discovery and exploration. And actually I think this is a really, REALLY good thing to do!

I too found myself (alongside a lot of challenge blogs and other bloggers) a little while back being on that "faster - higher - further" trip - especially when it came to projects (not only for DTs but also for myself): somehow I felt that I had to at least keep (if not overdo) a certain level of "coverage" my projects should provide alongside rather elaborate techniques and specialty materials being used on them. Which mainly led to a serious crafter's block and/or sometimes the fear of even starting a project because I knew it would have to be time consuming in its making (as well as in being prepared for presentation in the form of a tutorial on a blog).

Short projects that one simply creates for the fun of creating and playing with what one has at hand at the right moment somehow vanished from my plate completely without me noticing...and so did most of of the joy.

So my one and only really serious New Years resolution for 2015 is to remember and get back to the good and simple things. And to be honest: when browsing other crafters' blogs I most of the time especially adore the simple and rather small makes that spread that lot of joy that was put in their making or are eye-catching especially due to their lack of overload.

Of course there will always be those mind-blowing projects out there that let your jaws drop and have you think must have taken days to weeks in their makings (which most of the times they have *lol) - and there's a place and time for these too.
But you get taken away by that maelstrom of all the "faster-higher-further" in crafty blogland so easily and I have been there, felt horrible and have promised myself never to get there again.

So when I read the post over at Paper Artsy today I got even more confident in having made the right decision - so here it is: my first "small and really unpretentious" tag for this year - and I had a ball creating it from papers and scrap that were lying on my desk next to some new stamps I had bought at a sale recently....(LOVE that raven stamp!!!)

Materials used for this tag: heavy cardboard with some glued on dictionary pages, DecoArt matte Decou-Page, Sizzix "Tag and Tie" die, DecoArt white Gesso, hard bristle brush, Deep Red-, Echo Park- and 3rdEye stamps, Dina Wakley stencil (oak leaf), blending foam, DI pumice stone, Ranger jet black archival ink, Tim Holtz Remnant Rub-Ons, white gauze.

I enter this tag into Paper Artsy's "Fragile Papers" challenge . I haven't played in challenges for ages and being realistic I don't expect my tag to win or make it to the top ...but I loved the inspiration their challenge theme gave me and this is a way of paying back, isn't it?

Sometimes I think we take a lot of things in crafty blogland (who are done mainly by people like you and me, who put a lot of their spare time and effort into providing all of us with inspiration, challenges to play along with, techniques to explore and much more...) for granted without thinking any further.I don't think designers and challenge blogs out there should work harder to still impress us as players and readers...I think we should get back to taking more time to look more closely and see the persons behind the makes!

Sorry for all the thoughtful words, but they needed to be said. ;)

Hugs and happy (and I mean it!) crafting,
Claudia x


  1. It might be "small and really unpretentious" but it's perfectly formed :) absolutely gorgeous!!! Elizabeth x

  2. Very thoughtful words and a beautiful piece of art!

  3. I love your "small and really unpretentious " tag! I'm with you in this "slow attitude ": consciousness, taste, enjoying simple things, and most of all, follow yourself. Carpe diem, Claudia!

  4. Art journaling in Tagformat :-), klein, aber spannend mit starker Aussagekraft (auch wenn sich die Courage etwas versteckt, dafür kommt sie im Textteil um so mehr hervor!), besonders toll und interessant finde ich die Hintergrundgestaltung mit dem Eichenblatt? und die erzeugte Licht-Schattenwirkung, super!! LG Kerstin

  5. I'm with you on this one, food for thought. Love the tag!

  6. Hi Claudia. Your words really struck a chord with me as I feel exactly the same. And have come to the same realization. The makes that catch my eye lately are the ones with less over-load, but stylish and original in their thoughtfulness. The ones that capture the 'soul' behind the artist. It is freeing to jump off the roller-coaster and just be yourself. I love how this tag shows that freedom and so takes on a life of it's own. Love it!
    Dot x

  7. Yes - another vote for the less is more - both in frequency of posting and in making sure what I'm making is happening because I want it to, and not because it needs to be impressive.

    And your tag is a wonderful example of what happens when you just take a few of your favourite things and play. Beautiful.
    Alison xx

  8. I agree 100% with everything you've said here Claudia,it had to be said. We are in danger of not creating directly from our souls to inspire others but rather from the head to impress others which is not the same.

    Your tag is wonderful too,love the bird stamp ;)

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  9. Love the tag! Simple and good design xx

  10. Good year !!
    I like your words! and also generally choose simple jobs!
    Your tag is simply beautiful!

  11. Totally agree Claudia, and I am thinking the same. It's great to be inspired by other crafters but no need to compete. I have to remember who I do this for. Me!
    Amanda x

  12. I enjoy CAS projects no mater what media they are created in, your TAG is perfect and so simple. Looking forward to more from YOU :-) xxx

  13. I think your tag is gorgeous!!

  14. Just adore this tag, it's stunning. Pinning! Ruth x

  15. I know exactly where you are coming from Claudia and am with you all the way. Love your tag, the layers, images and depth you have created. Wishing you and yours a happy new year.
    hugs Brenda xxx

  16. see Claudia- you have spoken for so many of us today!!
    These are really very interesting thoughts and now explain why I am sitting on my computer playing solitaire instead of creating-My brain had bogged down and my muse said enough!
    Don't ever apologize for your words,you need to speak them and they touch many of us. ")
    Love your tag it speaks volumes of your creative soul my friend!! hugs and much love

  17. Your tag is really beautiful in every detail and has the feel of deep winter to me.
    Gratitude is such an important thing in all walks of life.
    Thank you for sharing!

  18. You and I are thinking alike. I love your tag which I saw uploaded at Paper Artsy.

  19. I enjoyed reading your thoughtful words and I too am trying to get focused back on the enjoyment of playing and creating after a period of missing may consider your tag simple but it still makes a stunning impact..Esther xx

  20. Fabulous tag - and I agree, less is more! Just love the limited colour palette.

  21. You as always are RIGHT ON GIRL!!!! 100% of it truth... I too have taken a back seat... realizing that things need to change... and as Gandhi said... the change starts with me... so I am doing just that... journaling, creating for self... wow powerful plus... I was thinking of YOU this morning and had to come here and see what you were up too... and also connect with YOU... and say Happy New Year and may it be the best ever... also to say that I see you are still into crows, ravens, and feather ones... been studying Geoffrey Hodson and have to say it is a beautiful trip... very interesting man on so many levels... Love your work... and the stenciling is wonderful above too... but of course I had to write where the crow had landed... Love talking with you... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  22. Very eloquently spoken (or typed?) and so very true. As a person that does play in challenges I kept being overwhelmed by the talent out there and found myself not wanting to share what I created but alas! I shared and got down to the nitty gritty of my art-me. My art is me and I keep that thought in my mind every time I create. Art is an expression of ones self. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your creation is wonderful. Loves it! Hugs! ~Niki

  23. Und das Resultat ist großartig! Me likes ;)!
    Prosit Neujahr!

  24. Wooohoooo so glad that our new direction is clanging bells of confirmation in your head too. I adore your tag, the colour palette is perfectly understated, and the composition totally striking. Here here to not overthinking things, doing what we want, not what others expect, and totally enjoying the process! I hope our blog this year gives people the opportunity to share what they want to share, from the heart. It's so much more exciting and rewarding for both the creator and the observer. Glad you expressed yourself, and lovely that you joined in too!
    Leandra x

  25. Lovely tag - the colour palette is beautiful. Love your sentiments - well said!

  26. Claudia, you have echoed my own thoughts! I think PA have done entirely the right thing and I enjoyed just thinking about fragile papers and then finding a little time just to play with them too. I love your tag. It is 'simply' beautiful! Sorry about the play on words, but I hope you will understand what I mean! The simplicity of the colours and lovely composition and just the right amount of texture is stunning in a subtle, understated way! I like the idea of a person behind a make too. The main thing is that we gain pleasure from creating and that we share that joy with others. xx


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