Monday 19 January 2015

Now that CHA is over - Part I

Now that CHA is over I am finally allowed to share my creations for the DecoArt booth with you. So this is part one for a start.  :)

It was an exciting and also strange feeling to know that even though I could not go there myself, there was at least someting "of me" there to be seen. (not sure what I would like better...erm....well, no - it definitely would be seeing all the fab artists demoing at the stands to be honest. But having some of your own work showcased is soooo cool ;).

As we were asked to showcase the new fantastic media line DecoArt have develloped with Andy Skinner, I tried to combine as much as I could on one piece. So I made the background this LO is created on myself - using DecoArt stencils alongside the media fluid acrylic paints, Crackle Glaze, Antiquing Creams and Translucent White (which is one of my favourites when it comes to creating subtle shading and texture).

This image shows the result of the Crackle Glaze applied through a large dots stencil over a layer of painted and dripped on colour washes (I had made using the media fluid acrylics) and being coated with a layer of Carbon Black and Patina Green Antiquing Creams (and the excess being whiped off after all had dried) afterwards. The Patina Green toned down the bright yellow, orange and red tones but they remained bright and visible underneath the Crackle Glaze. The Carbon Black Antiquing Cream accented the cracks.

I also scraped on some Red Iron Oxide Texture Fierro with a palette knife to make all the elements blend in with each other and add some more texture.

Scraps of old dictionary pages were torn and glued on (rather) randomly (using the matte Decou-Page).

I also used the Crackle Glaze on a colour copy of an old photograph (a fleamarket find) and the metal embellishment on top was painted with media fluid acrylics which I "cooked" onto the metal using the heat tool.

The pocket watch frame was a flea market find too. I toned it down a little using a wash of Transparent Red Iron Oxide fluid acrylic colour.

The flourish was a cast from a selfmade mould made using self hardening model clay and painting it with the media fluid acrylics to give it an aged and worn look.

Hints of Turquoise Shimmer Mister paint were sprayed on through a stencil and also simply sprinkled on by pressing the nozzle only lightly.

Embellishments were glued on using matte Decou-Page. My first choice of glue when it comes to adhering heavier items to a project.

Additional texture was stamped on using black archival stamping ink with text and texture stamps. Ephemera, cut out (stamped) word tiles and various embellishments were layered and glued on as well.

For a finish I glued the LO to some heavy card and then dabbed some DecoArt Traditions "Raw Umber" acrylic paint directly with the fingertip around the edges of my paintboard to "hold the design in place". I like using the fingertip as you get an uneven border that looks close to peeled off paint around the edges.

I had a wonderful time completing this project. Working with old photographs is always a rewarding thing to do as you feel you have to create a "precious frame" around them to do them justice (which can also make it a bit intimidating sometimes *lol). And when you find - once you're done - that this frame has given the image "new life", you know you have succeeded.

It isn't always easy to not overdo projects (and those who know me know pretty well that my designs tend to be rather "crowded"...but I love to take the eye of the beholder on a journey with a lot of wonderful things to discover and not just spot the focal piece and have all the roundabouts be less important in a way. Hope this makes sense ;)

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia xxx


  1. Great piece Claudia, how lovely that it was seen by so many I am sure it was greatly admired.
    Amanda x

  2. Gorgeous and fantastic!!! eine echte Augenweide, eine gelungene Kombination verschiedener Materialien, Effekte und Farben, hier gehe ich gern auf Entdeckungsreise in die vergangene Zeit.
    LG Kerstin xx

  3. Ein absolutes Sahnestückchen! Kaum zu glauben, wie viele Techniken du so harmonisch auf ein Bild gezaubert hast. Gefällt mir ganz besonders gut, nicht zuletzt wegen der vielen pfiffigen Details.
    LG Evelyn

  4. Amazing! I like how you use the flea market finds on your picture!
    Sindra :)

  5. It is stunning Claudia! So very proud and chuffed for you! I'm loving the new DecoArt range of fluid acrylics and mediums. Looking forward to seeing more hun Karen x

  6. Hi Claudia, as always the colour of the background is stunning and the rust colour looks amazing against it. The crackle from Deco art medium's are the best and you have showcased them beautifully alongside your dictionary paper. I bet they loved this over at CHA. Brilliant! Dee x

  7. Fabulous piece Claudia! Love how you have used all those different Media line products, and yet it is totally you! Great colours and fabulous collage, - love it!

  8. Oh, another piece I LOVE! Great colors, love all the details and the layout. Perfect, Claudia! :)

  9. A nice experience to see your creation, good rust colors and a lot of things to look at. I love it.

  10. You definitely took me on a journey. I keep going back to look at it and discover new things. Sharing how you did the LO and designed this piece is so very nice-thank you! I can't wait to see what the next part is. ~Niki

  11. amazing details and texture !! Debi xx

  12. Magnificent, Claudia and Many Congrats on having this stunning piece at CHA2015!! That's right--if you can't be there in person, be there in creation :) :) Just amazing with all of the colors and layers of paint and texture and Just Everything!! Sorry I haven't been by more regularly (and I owe you an email, too :) ), but I am here playing catch-up and loving everything you've been posting of late :) I'll be by again soon :) XOXO-Shari

  13. What an honour to have this shown at CHA- it is gorgeous!!

  14. Das ist ein Stück, auf das Du stolz sein kannst, liebe Claudia! Klar, dass es seinen Platz auf der CHA fand! Ich habe mich gerade dabei ertappt, so früh am Morgen, dass ich sogar meinen Kaffee kalt werden lies, die Brille gerade rückte und mir jedes Bild vergrößerte um Details zu erforschen. Davon sind unzählige vorhanden...
    Es ist vielleicht ein wenig abwegig, aber für mich stellt es sich ein wenig wie ein Mustertuch aus vergangenen Zeiten dar, auf denen die verschiedensten Stichvarianten verewigt wurden und ein Ganzes bildeten. Auch hier, wie Du es selbst auch siehst, sind so viele Techniken vereint und geben dem Auge einen Wanderweg vor, entlang von Höhen und Tiefen, Seen und Flüssen... Und wie nach einem Spaziergang, fühle ich mich frisch und inspiriert und freue mich auf den Tag.
    Besser als jeder Kaffee! Vielen Dank für's Zeigen, liebe Claudia!
    Hab einen schönen Tag!

  15. This just looks gorgeous . Thanks for showing Anneke.

  16. Absolutely gorgeous Claudia! You have really put these products and good use, wow, what a stunning piece! The textures are fabulous and I love all the trinkets you added! I think I just put another dozen or so things on my wish list, oh boy!! lol, hugs :)

  17. Claudia!!
    You have completely rocked the DecoArt products with this piece! Really this is AMAZING! I love every bit and bob and splash, and drip and crackle- oooo I love the crackle, and the handmade embellishments and flea finds- WOWS You took this canvas to another level!! I cannot tell you how many times I have looked at this over and over in awe! Bravo! XO

  18. this is a gorgeous piece full of great texture and gorgeous touches of colour x

  19. What a fabulous project Claudia...awesome colour palette with the most amazing details. I absolutely love it !! TFS and huge hugs
    Annie x


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