Saturday 24 January 2015

Rigby Post Ephemera Subscription Box - a Product Review and a Project

Servus and welcome to a special post today!

I received an email some weeks ago in which lovely Arcadia from Rigby Post asked me if I was willing to do a review post about her hand collected ephemera subscription box on my blog and on that occasion also create something with the goodies inside - and of course I said "Yes, please!!!!!" as I love ephemera - especially those that have their own history and stories to tell!

Let me tell you that this box is so much more than just a bundle of ephemera and embellies to use on your projects! It already spread the most inspiring mood when I opened it for the first time! So don't be too surprised when you find me writing in a rather high-spirited tone today. ;)

There were some text sheets included - one being a lovely letter, one providing an inspirational how to with suggestions on a tag to create from the contents of the box and a third sharing thoughts about working with objects that have their own history, about mindfulness and taking pace out of one's life, which isn't always easy to do during these days.

Reading the thoughtful words about art, inspiration and being mindful, really got me in an inspired and relaxed mood (even though I was already curious to find out about the contents of this treasure box of course ;) and - what's most important - made me feel as if was putting myself in for a wonderful treat while working with the contents - which definitely is the case!

Then I finally decided to flip aside the bright orange tissue paper that had kept the old papers and other pieces safe (and which I also used on my project - you know me - I really love to use packaging materials and used papers of all kinds)!

And, boy! I really loved what I saw! Loads of highly textural papers, ribbons, ephemera and card, a little pocket containing small treasures and some dashes of beautiful colour! (Did I ever mention that orange is one of my favourite colours?)

Mmmmmh! A map and music sheets! 

Aaah! Awesomely aged and yellowed book pages!

Love that maths work sheet and the score sheet, the brown packaging paper and the tag!

Some colourful twine and lovely fabric tape alongside a piece of old linen or cotton cloth and a slightly sparkling rough jute ribbon.

And then there was this small plastic bag containing some lovely treasures:

Oooh! A scrabbe tile, vintage buttons, gorgeous lace ribbons and I looove that little red and white bunting ribbon! I wasn't sure what I should use the white paper flower for (as I don't use these normally)...but it showed later (while creating with all my goodies from the box) that it was just perfect for....erm...I guess I won't tell you right now...just read on and find out for yourself! lol

So there they lay - my new treasures! 

And they inspired me to create this little wall hanger:

All materials used on this project - except the card it is made on and from - are from the lovely Rigby Post ephemera box! For this project I decided to follow the colour scheme given by the box' contents.

See? There's the orange wrapping paper - used on one of the houses. These were die cut from some leftover card (packaging material from a T-Shirt hubby bought) using the Sizzix Artful Dwellings die.

Then the houses were covered with papers from the box (using matte Decou-Page).

Once dry I added ribbons and buttons, pieces of cloth and the white paper flower to create doors, windows, roof tiles and house number signs.

"The white flower?" I hear you ask. "How would you use a white flower for this?". Well....

....I found that if I cut them apart, the flower's leaves would make perfect roof tiles. Don't they?

Once all my paper pieces and tiny bits were glued in place, I started doodling and painting and adding small word tiles which I cut from scraps of some of the pages I had used to cover the die cut house shapes with.

There's the refection of the outside on the window. I love the sound of church bells through an open window.

I used acrylic paints, my black Stabilo Marks it All pencil and a white Sharpie to add all the detail.

At number seven lives an "A.....a Borealis", as the door bell sign shows. Sadly the first name is illegible. Maybe it is "Angela", "Agneta", "Alberta" or "Arcadia"....who knows. ;)

And the lovely piece of lace ribbon was just the perfect fit for the largest of the houses! I didn't even have to trim it! So it was obvious where to put it.

I hope you like my first project done with all the lovely vintage stuff from the ephemera box! As there is still plenty left there might well be more to come. ;)

If you are interested to find out more about the Rigby Post ephemera box check out the information on their website - which can be found HERE (or by clicking the website's logo).There are options to do a one-time buy, a monthly subscription (so you make sure you will get one as they are limited because they are made of selected original vintage goods) and a half year subscription (for those who want to save some bucks).

Thank you, Arcadia, for asking me to review your box! I had so much fun! Guess I will get me another one of those when I feel like I am in for a treat or need something to cheer me up! ;)

Hugs and happy crafting,


  1. What a fabulous piece, love your houses, from a wonderful box of stash!
    Amanda x

  2. How wonderful, love the idea of the box and how beautifully presented.....just love what you came up with Claudia, gorgeous details on the houses made of the book papers....really like the music paper one...wonderful! Ruth x

  3. Eine richtig tolle Zusammenstellung in dieser Box und Deine Häuser sind einfach spitze mit all den super Details!

    Bin begeistert!

  4. Claudia
    Your houses are brilliant ! I love your panel.

  5. This looks really great.
    I just love these houses.
    Very inspiring, thanks for showing Anneke.

  6. Wonderful creation Claudia,these are the sweetest little houses,beautifully made as always ;)
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  7. Beautiful creation, very inspiring!!

  8. What a cool collection of stuff inside the box! And you put it to good use. Lovely artwork!

  9. What a wonderful collection of goodies in the box. Your hanging looks fantastic, love the houses.
    Yvonne xx

  10. What a cool review Claudia! I love that you used the orange paper- I saw that and said -yum! great way to use that flower- you are so very clever and inspiring dear friend! I really love your hanging and how you had incorporated so many of the items- well done and now over to check out the website from which your treasures came! huge hugs, Jackie")

  11. Raffinierte Idee, die Blütenblätter als Dachziegel einzusetzen, steckt unheimlich viel Fantasie in deinem Projekt, toll! LG Kerstin xx

  12. Amazing, Claudia!! I bet Arcadia @ Rigby Post is super happy that she sent you that wonderful box of ephemera! Look at what you've done!! Just amazing & super awesome!! XOXO-Shari

  13. schaut wieder mal ganz toll aus, liebe Claudia.

  14. Oh goodness, I don't know if this comment will come up double, but it may!!

    Thank you so much Claudia for all your help! I love what you did with this box and how much you've helped me with the whole thing! You're an amazing artist and such a great lady! This project is GORGEOUS and I LOVE IT!!

    I linked back from the Rigby Post blog to your blog!

  15. Oh, these are so cool... I love your art. :)


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