Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Dressed It to Wear It - Stencilled Bubbalux Bangle for StencilGirl Products

Servus! I am so happy you're stopping by my little creative corner today!

I am especially happy you're here as today I am sharing one of my first full process videos that comes with this special bangle I created from bubbalux Craft Board and fabric that I had decorated with DecoArt paints and fabric painting medium and StencilGirl Products stencils. The video gives infos on the products used and shows how I create my layers on the fabric and how I put the bangle together and add some wire wrapped shell scraps...

So if you want to find out, simply hop over to the StencilGirl Talk blog to watch the twelve minutes long video I've done for you.

I hope you will like the video and that it encourages you to create your own non-sew fabric bangles!
Simply click HERE to get taken to the blog post with the tutorial and loads of images.

Hugs and happy crafting!

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